Meet Mandoo

mandooI know this should go on the Bulletin Board, but since I can post it here you get to see it here.

We have found a cat – more specifically he has found us.  We are calling him Mandoo (as in Katmandoo) (and yes we totally stole that from Two and Half Men).  He’s a teenaged cat and is desperate for a loving home.  So desperate in fact that he somehow climbed up on our roof last night trying to find a way in.  

He is a total sweetie too, a friendly fella who talks in purrs.

If you are missing a cat, call me.  If you want a cat, he’ll need to be neutered.  If you’re worried about claws, you can buy a scratching post lined with cardboard and that can help save your furniture!

Mandoo is definitely a keeper for someone, though.


7 Responses

  1. Cute cat. Too bad that I already have 3 of my own. Good Luck!

  2. He’s adorable, but I already have a male orange tabby who would not appreciate another cat in “his” house, plus an 80-pound lab who wouldn’t be too keen on the idea of being outnumbered by cats.

  3. We went knocking on neighbors’ doors late this afternoon and found his home… we think. Someone has been out of town and we think Mandoo (clearly an outdoor kitty) just got lonely. But the owners are really good people and the rest of us have been making sure he’s fed and watered. I’m going to miss him (took him back home with a big pile of food given by another neighbor).

  4. Good people or not, I really hope they didn’t leave town and assume he could fend for himself. Lord knows it could be 10 degrees or 60 this time of year.

    You’re sweet to take such good care of him. If he ends up needing a home after all, he’ll remember who fed him and make a beeline right back your way. :)

  5. Hopefully everything works out. I ended up with my Garfield after my neighbor moved and left the cat behind. He ended up on my porch and decided to come into the house and then conveniently snatched a piece of pizza right outta of my hands. He has been around ever since.

  6. That’s how I ended up with many a cat… I don’t feed the strays now. However, my daughter does – Thank the Lord that she lives in M’boro now! LOL!

  7. I’m glad the kitty’s home was found. And that he has you as a good neighbor. :)

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