Cheddars to Open Soon in Smyrna

I’m so excited.  I got a *pass* today for the Cheddars Training Session tomorrow.  This means that the restaurant should be opening very very soon.  It’s located at 955 Industrial Blvd. in front of Target on Sam Ridley. Their number is 223-9394.

I’ll keep you posted!


8 Responses

  1. aawww! I want to go!

  2. What type of food do they have?

  3. Not sure! I’ll let you know after lunch today. :)

  4. Yeah lissa has been excited about it for a few months :)

  5. They have ALL kinds of different food! Everything from chicken to seafood to steaks to salads to sandwiches and even a couple of italian dishes! Not to mention, the Monte Cristo and Chicken Pot Pie!

    The prices are the cheapest in town and the portions are huge! Don’t miss out on this experience!

  6. Oh! And the restaurant opens Monday, March 1!!!!

  7. Do you mean Monday March 2nd, or Sunday March 1st? There is no Monday March 1st this year.

  8. The best is the signature Cheddar Cheese soup!!! The menu is unique and also affordable.

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