Cheddar’s Will Be Mmmm, Mmmm Good

CheddarsI was one of the very lucky local business(wo)men invited to be a part of Cheddar’s Training Day on Friday.  I thought I’d been to a Cheddar’s before (when I lived somewhere else) and didn’t remember thinking it was great.  After Friday, I walked away knowing Cheddar’s will be in my Top 5 Favorite Restaurants.

The decor was very pretty.  There was a gigantic fan-like sculpture looking thingamajig in the middle of the restaurant that was epic. A whole army of hosts and hostesses welcomed us, but that was probably because EVERYONE was working for that training day.

I went with three other Realtors so we got to see a variety of menu options.  Two had the fruit tea (which I sipped and instantly regretted not ordering) and two of us had unsweet iced tea.  For the appetizer, we ordered the spinach dip – a not-too-spicy but enough-to-make-me-happy flavor that nicely complemented the salty chips – perfecto!

I ordered the fried shrimp lunch with side dishes of corn and broccoli casserole.  (If you get a baked potato, it counts as two sides).  Normally I hate broccoli but find it tolerable in a casserole.  This casserole was quite good … it appeared to have rice, cheese, and some kind of crumbs in it (Ritz crackers? Bread?).  Unfortunately, the corn tasted a bit out-of-the-can.  The lunch serving of shrimp came with TEN jumbo sized shrimp (is that even possible to have a “jumbo” “shrimp”?).  Except for the corn, everything tasted great and there was so much food there that I took about six shrimp home with me.

The other agents ordered chicken pot pie (which came with a simple side salad), a monte cristo, and a spasagna.  The chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot piiiiiiie* seemed pretty tasty (again huge serving).  I had no idea what a monte cristo was, but quickly learned it’s a sandwich dipped in batter and deep fried.  It was served with a raspberry sauce.  My arteries just lurched just thinking about it!  Finally, my buddy Karmen ordered the Spasagna (picture spaghetti and lasagna combined – it sounds like Spuh-sahn-yuh).  It looked pretty good and you can order it with meat sauce or plain marinara.

The service was great in this dry run for the restaurant.  The price was right (free!), but had the four of us paid for drinks, appetizers, and main courses our total would’ve been $49.62 (inc. taxes but not tip).  Very very reasonable prices with actual costs ranging from $5.99 (chicken pot pie) to $9.99 (shrimp).

Cheddar’s is scheduled to open at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, May MARCH 2nd.  I think you’ll enjoy it there!

I thanked so many people as I left that I believe I thanked another customer coming in.  He had the grace to ignore me rather than saying, “You’re welcome!”

*My nod to pop culture – a reference to Slow Donnie featured on long-gone Just Shoot Me.


8 Responses

  1. Does it open on May 2nd or March 2nd??

  2. My bad. Fixed! (MARCH 2nd).

  3. Unsweetened tea?! What kind of southerner are you?!

    (I drink unsweetened tea when I drink cold tea. Most of the time I just drink hot tea. Drives my servers bonkers but I’d be drinking cocktails if I wasn’t)

  4. Polerin/Kathy T., I’m with you . . . I also drink unsweetened tea (guess it’s the Yankee coming out in me). Servers often look at me like I’m crazy and I’m amazed by how many places don’t even offer it!!

    I’ve been to a Cheddars once before and was not impressed, but it was a long time ago. This one sounds good and I’ll have to give them another shot. If a Monte Cristo is done correctly, it’s to die for, but if it’s not, it can be a greasy, nasty mess. I’m not too sure about the raspberry sauce, though . . . pretty odd combination. A good Monte Crito needs no sauce whatsoever!

  5. I’m glad someone else but me loved “Just shoot me”.

  6. I drink unsweetened tea due to being type II (diabetic).I will give this place a try,but like a lot of people I know,I have cut back a great deal on eating out.I am probably saving $250 a month or more now by just cooking for myself.I wish them the best.

  7. My mom and I tried Cheddar’s yesterday for lunch. We absolutely loved it. The service was great and so was the food. Everything seems to be reasonably priced. We had the chicken pot pie and the house salad with honey lime dressing. It was really good. I plan on going back.

  8. We went to Cheddars on its opening night. Food was good, nothing spectacular. Service was excellent, though a little slow- I am totally cutting them slack though, since it was busy. The prices for an evening meal are comparable to Logan’s or Chili’s. We’ll be back, probably.

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