City Now Owns Old Post Office

I think this was a smart move by the city of LaVergne.

The city has bought the old post office from the federal government for $575,000. The codes department and stormwater will set up offices there.   If I may ask, what is stormwater exactly?

Speaking of codes, this may be a good time for someone to drive a city truck around to pull out all the ugly advertising signs that have popped up.  Especially where the main roads from Lake Forest Estates intersect with Stones River Road.  LOTS of little signs.   I don’t object to them when they’re on private property, but when they clutter up public intersections etc., they’re just an eyesore.


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  1. Excellent! I would guess that “stormwater” is any water that drains off the roads in a storm? If so, the old post office is THE PERFECT place to keep an eye on it! HA HA!!

    In German cities, there are these huge columna that anyone can post flyers and bills on. Taller than a person and about a yard around, made of cement. You can walk up to one and see concert flyers, new businesses, lost pets, whatever. The posters pile up and up and once a year or so a city worker comes along and cuts through all of them & takes it away. Of course, that’s in a country where most people walk where they need to go…

    Speaking of walking, is the big mess all along Chaney a sign of sidewalks to come? I hope? :)

  2. Kitti: Mayor Erwin said that work is the installation of new water lines to improve water pressure. He said Chaney Road sidewalks will start this time next year.

  3. Hi everyone. Quick question. Anyone know the address of the new post office?? I know its on Mufreesboro road still but if you are coming out of lake forest subdivision down by the exxon which way do you turn left or right? Is it now on that stretch of road between the kangaroo and the exxon?

  4. the new post office is towards smyrna on the left (LFE side of murfreesboro road) down about a mile or so from the old post office.

    coming out of lake forest you turn left and head towards smyrna. it’s on the left, can’t miss it.

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