A Garden Party

There’s a Friday trend in the online community of posting “Feel Good Friday” videos of songs, music that make you happy.  I just plucked a title of a song that makes me happy instead for this post.

A couple of weeks ago – and I think it was in the post about gang issues escalating – commenters tossed around ideas to keep kids busy.  I wrote that I’d love to see a community garden spot for residents.  I wanted to expand on that somewhat because I think it really could be a good thing.

Years ago we had a big garden spot at work.  There was about an acre that was plowed and someone went out and subdivided the acres with markers and string.  Each plot was then numbered and we signed up for a spot with the company receptionist.  There were all kinds of beautiful things that grew that summer – squash, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers.

gardenarkDuring this recession, I think this could be a huge way to generate some positive publicity for the city of LaVergne AND it could help people put food on their tables.  This could also be a way for us to actually have a mini farmers market… if people have too many veggies they could set up a table once a week to informally sell their excess.

What would be needed?  Someone to donate some land for temporary use.  Someone to till the land.  Someone to divide the plots.  And a place to sign up for and receive your plot number.  The rest of the work would be on the shoulders of the people who’ve taken advantage of such an opportunity.

I don’t know where it could be located, but there are others who’ve lived here much longer than me and have many more connections who could share some ideas.   What do you think?

Photo from when I lived in Arkansas as a child. That was my parents’ garden. That’s me in the back with my mouth open. Things don’t change much, do they?  :)


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  1. As I continue to look for a house in your wonderful town, I now read the posts on this page. The more I read, the more I can’t wait to find a house and get moved to La Vergne. I love this idea of a community garden. In addition to selling excess it could also be traded for items someone else had grown and had an excess of, or if someone raised animals possibly meat could be traded for vegetables. The possiblites would really open up to not only save money but bring the community closer.

    La Vergne appears to be a wonderful community to call home and I look forward to calling it home soon. Now if the perfect house would just come available. =O)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous Silver, or Gold Award project!

  3. I would also love a community garden. I have a veggie garden in my back yard but can’t grow all that I would like too. I don’t want to tear up any more to expand. I’m also interested in what Susie is looking for house-wise?

  4. This is Susie, the question was raised about what we were looking for in a house.

    My husband would like to find a house that is at least 1800 sqft, we would like to have a decent sized yard either with a pool or room for a pool at a later date, and room for a garden and dogs to run around. The house itself we want an open floor plan. I want to be able to be in the kitchen and converse with people in the living room or family room. We would like 3 bedroom and 2 bath. We don’t need a dinning room but would need a decent sized kitchen. I would love a garden tub in the master bath, but who wouldn’t right? I guess that is about it.

    So many of hte houses we have looked at have small kitchens, and galley type kitchens. Also so many houses have the kitchen walled off from all the other rooms in the house, I just don’t like that.

    If you know of a house that fits this, give me a holler. =O). slsmith1971 at msn.com

  5. I would LOVE to have a plot in a community garden. I had been considering trying to start something of this nature myself, but hadn’t had the time. There are other ways of doing it as well, and I’d really really really love to hear more about it if it gets off the ground.

    Seriously. Like [ THIS MUCH ] want to hear about it

  6. YES!!! I’d love to have a community garden, and have thought about trying to get one started here in Lake Forrest Estates. The big field at the main entrance off Stones River would be ideal… Anyone know who to contact about that location? I’d LOVE to see a community compost site there as well, think of all the garden waste, food scraps and paper shreds we would have access to! I’m in!

  7. I have heard (rumors!) that Tractor Supply Company is having a banner year, because everyone is planting a garden to offset food costs. If it’s true, then this would totally be in keeping with a trend!

    I would just like to have a city/community flower garden to walk in and help upkeep. Gardens are incredible stress-reducers. It is hard to get volunteers, though, I know.

  8. I have contacted the city and am waiting for the right guy to return my call on this. If you are seriously interested in this please email me! glpippin@gmail.com

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