Brainstorming for the City

You know how sometimes a passing suggestion can germinate into a full grown idea?  I’ve continued to consider what LaVergne can do to 1.) Improve its reputation, and 2.) Help itself out of the housing slump.  I’ve had another brainstorm which I wrote about over at Shak & Jill today.   UPDATE: Let me add I’m talking about offering these incentives to people buying foreclosures or other hard-to-sell homes. Here’s an excerpt,

Here are more suggestions that I’d offer to *owner occupied* homes (I wouldn’t do this for investors looking to rent back out because you want to build a sense of community):

  • Waive the water bill (up to $100 p/month) for a full year.
  • Waive the sewer bill for a full year.
  • If the city has a wellness center, offer free membership for the family for six months.
  • If a family moves with children, offer a $25 voucher toward the little league or soccer team for either sign-up fees or food during the events.

Can you imagine the fantastic publicity we could earn for these types of efforts?  A community garden (which my Girl Scout troop is thinking of as a project to earn their Silver Award)! Waiving fees for owner-occupied homes!  And I still think we can rezone allowing for part of our residential areas to house boutique-like pockets of commercial (art studios, dance, music, cafe, etc.).   City officials I ask you, what can we do to help move us in this direction?


5 Responses

  1. Kathy! I think that is a stroke of genius! Absolutely brilliant! Free little league/soccer?? Free water?
    And I’d L-O-V-E to be able to open a little art studio/class workshop in La Vergne, but for me, funding is just impossible. But what if the city could help that happen? Then I could offer classes to our kids (and adults). Unlocking imaginations and discovering hidden talents. Imagine the direction that alone could take this city…
    Ah, to dream.

  2. I am so relieved to hear your response, NFC. I was starting to hear crickets over the ideas. I’m very anxious to hear if the city would consider this at all. I mean, if they can afford to waive the water bill for a hotel for two years, surely they could afford this kind of incentive to bring in permanent residents who’d take ownership and pride in their home and neighborhoods. And to help build a positive image of our community.

  3. exactly! I think it’s a wonderful idea. I’m interested to hear what they have to say about your idea too…keep me posted.

  4. great ideas! keep them coming!

    I noticed that they tore down that old pawn shop next to the liquor store.

  5. The ideas are great, the reality is that no one from city hall is interested, no response, the only time we hear anything from them is at election time, when they want us to vote for them.

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