Open Thread: The Out of Town Version

I’ll be out of town starting tomorrow afternoon for about 8 days so am opening this thread for you to talk about what you want to talk about. There will no moderation unless other admins jump in, so if your comment gets lost in la-la land, I apologize.

My open thread start is to thank the chaperones at LaVergne Middle School for keeping my daughter safe on the 8th grade field trip to Washington, DC this week.  It sounds like it was a fantastic time!

What’s on YOUR mind, LaVergne?


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  1. I just read in the DNJ that La Vergne has the LOWEST unemployment of the three major cities in Rutherford county. There must be something in the water…

    (on a side note, I hate getting water to drink at restaurants in Smyrna, if our water tastes bad, there water tastes worse)

  2. I guess that is good that we have the lowest job rate. Of course trying to find a job is another thing and it hurts you if you are layed off and have been layed off before too.

  3. There is actually worse water in the world than Smyrna’s or LaVergne’s. I was in Muncie Indiana this weekend and their water tasted like dead fish. No, seriously. Dead, cholrinated fish. Gah.

  4. Hey, in St. Augustine, FL (y’know where the Fountain of Youth is and all) they have sulfur water. Talk about some nasty tasting and nasty smelling water!

    I’ll take La Vergne water any day, but I also have a water filter going on… :)!

  5. Oh, barf. I had a friend in high school who lived in a house that had a sulfur well. OMG. Ewww. Ack. Bleh.

  6. Good Lord, Ivy . . . what in the world were you doing in Muncie? I know that area very well (grew up in Indianapolis) and had a brother and sister both attend Ball State. Muncie’s kind of a neat little town, but their water has always been disgusting!!

  7. Well, we were there to bury my grandma. I sort of grew up in Muncie, I lived there til I was 12. Both my parents graduated from Muncie Central and Ball State. I hated it there, I’m so glad we moved.

  8. Can someone start a thread on parking in the street in Lavergne. I live on the west side of Lavergne in a very large court. Sometimes my neighbors park in there grass and it looks so trashy. I cant stand it!!! I would much rather have them park in the street even if it was in front of my home. I think we the people should get some kind of ordinace where if your street is wide enough, then you should be able to park in the street. Anyway it just looks trashy and I was wondering what anyone else thought about this.

  9. B- Oh.My.Gawd! You just struck such a nerve with me. I so know how you feel on this one. I HATE the way some of my neighbor’s yards look from parking all their cars in it. Tire marks and mud and yuck instead of nice green grass. Of course even the homes that don’t park in the yard have a hard enough time keeping nice green grass here. All I can grow in my yard is weeds from the birdseed that fell out of the feeder. At least it’s green and covers most of the ground.
    I agree, if the street is wide enough, park there as long as there aren’t any driveways, fire hydrants, or views being occluded.

  10. B, we’ve had lots of parking threads (Just search “parking” and get ready for hours of reading). Usually it ends up with random people finding this site through google and then commenting about how terrible we are if we want the city to regulate what people can do with their private property. I have said my peace on the issue (your rights end where mine begin, and your junky yard is trampling on my homes value), but I do wish something would be done. Alderman Waldron told me last May that they were discussing passing an ordinance to eliminate yard parking. I don’t go to all the meetings, but I haven’t heard anything about this ordinance. Maybe Senna can enlighten us.

    I understand the concern is what to do about the people who only have 2 spots and 3 cars? I know this isn’t going to come across nicely, but you knew when you bought the house how much parking it had, and if it has less now because you enclosed the garage, well then that is definitely not my fault.

    Do we think that a private business would not step up and offer a monthly-fee parking lot? It works at the airport, why not LFE?

  11. Do we think that a private business would not step up and offer a monthly-fee parking lot? It works at the airport, why not LFE?

    I wish they would, seriously. One of the few things we agree on Michael, people parking in their yards- yuck.

  12. Well I e-mailed the mayor and have’nt heard back from him yet. I think its just another way for the city to make some chump change. Like I said I live in a large court, so I would rather people park in the street. I can understand not parking in the street in LFE but in a lot of the other neighborhoods there is plenty of room. Also it seems like the city bases everything on LFE. Well guys and girls Im gonna hound the city about this until I get some answers!!!

  13. B — call Bruce Richardson at City Hall & get your name on the “Citizens Comments” agenda to speak at the M/A workshop & meeting on the subject — have to call by 10:00 on the day of the Workshop to be on the agenda. The Workshop is this Thurs. 4/2. Then you can address your concerns to the board & maybe SOMEONE will hear you.

  14. B – I’ve heard before that the best way to contact a city official is by phone. We’ve been assured here time and again by an “anonymous” city person that maybe we should bother to pick up the phone sometimes. Apparently not everyone checks their email or goes online. … I know, right?

  15. Hey guys,
    I will be happy to discuss the parking issues with you at anytime. I must agree with B. Why should we have a cover all ordidnance for the entire city when the majority of the parking issues that have been brought to my attention generate from LFE. Example: I have 2 acres of land. You want the city to tell someone that has 2 + acres what they can do with their property when they are following all codes. No broken down vehicles, no car lots(continueous cars for sale in yard )No continueous yard sales, cars have current tags, and they keep their yard clean. I would be happy to talk more with anyone regarding this issue. phone 793-2469 email sennamosley at tds dot net. I do want LaVergne to look good and I do want our property values to increase, but it has to be fair across the board. Please contact me!!!!

  16. So Alderman, what’s you’re suggestion for the problems in LFE? I have been a resident in LFE for 14 years, it’s a shame to watch the mess that was created back her, not to mention depreciation of homeowner value, vandalism, crime and the list goes on.

    The long term homeowner has been victim of the LFE monopoly, none of the homeowners approved the overbuilding, section 8 housing & group homes, if I knew this 14 years ago, I’d never moved in & I would bet that for the majority of the residents of LFE!

    So tell me a solution that would be fair, after all LFE is the largest subdivision in TN, a majority of taxpayers reside in LFE.

    Help support our efforts to change the image of LFE, after all, someone is responsible for this mess and it’s not me.

    Think about it, happy tax paying citizens or foreclosed, vacant homes, it’s time for change in LaVergne!

  17. Hell nclb I agree with you. I wish I had the perfect answer for this situation, but I don’t. I have talked with our city planner on possibilites that can be done with the vacant homes; however, the city can not dictate to an owner what to do with property that is residental. We have talked to our state officials regarding regulations for group homes in residental areas. I personally have not heard any more about this so far(still waiting). Section 8 can not be stopped I have asked and was told that the city has no rights that this is federal. So, if a builder can not sell he can turn it into section 8. In my opinion, LFE should have been addressed years ago by the city and planning commission. YES seemed to be the magic word to certain ones. Lake Forrest had so many great possibilities and I think greed took over.
    It goes back to you need to literally live with the decisions you make. Unfortunately, the majority of the ones that made these decisions do not have to live in LFE. I agree that we need change and a lot of it. I love LaVergne and I have my opinions on how to change it, but right now nobody wants to here what I have to say or wants to do what I think needs to be done. We have a lot of great people that live in LFE. I have a lot of good friends that have beautiful homes out there. Believe me when I say that I want every area in this city to be one that the citizens are proud to call home. I also understand how you feel. Would helpless be a good word. This is how I feel a lot of the time with the M/A Board, but I promise you that I will continue to fight for citizens like you who care about their neighborhood. I welcome any suggestions that you might have and welcome the opportunity to talk with you. I think we are on the same side.

  18. More folks should show up at the M/A meetings & talk directly to the people YOU helped put in office — make them look you in the face & hear your concerns. The only way there will be a change is if you make those in office accountable — worry the heck out of them until they address your concerns. But don’t forget you have to be on the agenda by 10:00 on the day of the M/A workshop in order to speak at either the workshop or the actual meeting. Next workshop is this Thurs. @ 5:00 — a time when those who work can’t attend!

  19. This is off the current subject but after looking at the This is Smyrna post, I’m so excited about Krispy Kreme opening up! A donut sundae with a toppings bar? That is all I can think about now! Guess I’ll be working out a little harder!

  20. Senna, thank you so much for your input on these matters. As you might expect, I have a few thoughts:

    – I personally believe the best way to fix LFE is to change the impression of the whole city. You could spend an hour driving through La Vergne and even if you didn’t go within a mile of LFE, this city still has a country, dumpy feel. Drive up Chaney Road past LHS, or Old Nashville from Lowes to Pizza Hut, or drive down murfreessboro road from the post office to Smyrna. This town feels old and dumpy. If we would spend the money on infrastructure improvements like Smyrna has, that perception can be changed and I beleive will trickle-down throughout the city.

    – I am not a fan of property taxes, but in this instance I would not be upset to see my taxes increase to fund these improvements because I believe that improving the perception of LV will improve my homes value. (again with the trickle-down effect)

    – I understand the city cannot outright limit section 8 houses, but I would ask have any other cities anywhere in this country been faced with these kinds of problems and found a resolution?

    – Kathy mentioned the prospect of providing “incentives” for people to buy and live here, can the city not provide “deterents” to deter renting?

    – in an ideal world, section 8 is a great idea. but if you have 130 homes, and 100 are section 8, how is that helping those with section 8 vouchers to connect with homeowners, is that not the purpose ofthe program? It has apparently become a program where private companies build public housing.

  21. Quiet frankly, Michael, the “country feel” is what most folks who came to La Vergne liked about it. I find that comment a little offensive as to me “country” indicates land, trees, animals in their natural habitat, and fresh air — the things I love about my home. However, those things are being replaced by the over building in my opinion. Dumpy — if you are speaking of the junk car lots, crudy motels, over abundance of tire centers & tire stores, you may have a point.

  22. I’m just chiming in to add that you cannot do anything to “deter” people from living somewhere because that’ s a violation of fair housing laws. If a city or anyone else violated equal housing, they’d face massive fines and possible criminal charges… cities would face loss of federal funding.

    The only instances someone can be kept out is – for example – if housing is set up specifically for people over 62 years old, then it’s for a senior community. But otherwise, it’s a huge huge no-no and I’d want no part of it.

  23. cee dee, yes, I was referring to the junk yards, et al. Being out “in the countryside” is great, the countryside being littered and run down is not so great.

    Kathy, I have to disagree with you about a deterent always being the same as a form of discrimination. For example, my first home in LFE had all the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second level. When I sold that home, I’m sure that fact “detered” a handicapped person from wanting to buy my home.

    Home sellers take steps to “deter” people from buying their house all the time – it’s called price. Again, not discrimination, but if you make $30k and you want a home that is valued at $600k, that high price will deter you from buying that home.

    I had a great idea of a way the city could deter homeowners from renting out their homes for section 8, but there’s no way I’m going to post it here because certain things just don’t read very well. And has Senna has made it clear that there is no consensus from the M/A on any changes to improve the city. While I think the metro council is too big, sometimes I think the La Vergne board of alderman is to small, I think if we had 7-10 representatives, some representing selected districts, then we might see a better influx of ideas.

  24. A house design and price are not the same as flatly discriminating against someone buying a home. Yes, I’m deterred from buying at the Governor’s Club. Yes, LaVergne could approve all new construction for only homes above $200,000 or have more strict neighborhood requirements. The laws should be written however, to NOT keep people out, but to build good communities for EVERYONE.

    Equal housing opportunities must be available to anyone … you can not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability.

    I see nothing wrong with stricter guidelines like all brick homes, sidewalks, at least two trees planted, bigger driveways, no chain link fences in backyards, X amount of green space, at least one park for every 100 homes, etc. That’s called good planning.

    I do like your idea of increasing the number of our representatives to the city – especially for district representation. Michael – have you thought about running? There are several people on this forum who I’d definitely consider good candidates for public office.

  25. Michael, you have valid points. I would love to discuss my opinions with you, but like you, I better talk rather than write!!! Right after my first election, I did suggest districts for a city our size and the moving of the city election to November. Well, I did get the election moved to a primary election!!!
    Kathy, GOOD PLANNING what a concept!!! Luv Ya girl!!!

  26. Not to sidetrack this good discussion..but does La Vergne have Tornado sirens? If so, is the whole town covered?

  27. Has LaVergne ever had a tornado? It’s weird, when everyone else is having bad weather, LaV just has a lot of rain. That could totally be a selling point for this town, ha. Like, I would NEVER move to Clarksville because it totally seems to attract tornadoes.

  28. Me run for Alderman? Probably not a good idea. This city has enough lawsuits as it is, I cannot imagine my bluntness would do anything more than create new lawsuits! I think I’m best off to continue serving this city from my position on the Beer Board.

    Besides, I know what kind of stuff Senna has to deal with, the late night calls, city functions at nights and on weekends. That’s not for me, I want to work hard to take care of my family, but when I’m not working I’d rather be spending time with family or playing golf. I will however continue to do my fair share of complaining :)

    Yes Ivy, I believe you have just come up with the newest marketing campaign for this city – “Come to La Vergne where there are no tornados!” Of course as soon as the sign is erected, surely a tornado will come blow it down.

  29. Sirens are not really effective. Lavergne is more spread out than most people on the LFE side realize.

    On a side note….Krispy Kreme opens next Thursday!!

  30. Speaking of the Beer Board, are there any openings on there right now?

  31. Thanks Alderman for replying, I only wish for my many great neighbor’s to remain in LFE & would like the city to address these issues to help change the terrible reputation portrayed by the media.

    What will it take a community initiative or a petition signed by the resident’s to get city to address our concerns? I’m open to any suggestions, from what I’ve read here, one person is not capable of getting city hall’s attention.

    Michael, I really like the idea of district’s in LaVergne, LFE needs help and a equal representation by district’s would be a start in the right direction!

  32. Didn’t know where to post this question so I found this thread and it seemed like the best place. I was driving through LFE last week and I noticed that someone had a pig in their backyard! They apparently were keeping it as a pet. It had a little house and there was a square fenced in area. PLEASE someone tell me that this is against codes in the Lake Forest Subdivision or in LaVergne!! I thought that farm animals were not allowed in residential neighborhoods?! Is there anything we can do about this because I’m sure this is not good for our home values!!

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