I have a major gripe (or several)… what’s yours?

Ants!!!  The lil bastages are invading my space!  I’m going to be purchasing some instant grits to cover the ant hills.  I don’t know why it works to get rid of them, but it does.

Uninvited solicitors are another major nuisance.  If I didn’t call them, why are they bothering me?  I know that my driveway needs gravel, but guess what?  It won’t stay there… every time it rains, my gravel ends up in the storm drain at the end of the street… after it has swam through my yard and my neighbors’ yards…

And vacant houses.  Need I say more?


12 Responses

  1. Re: Ants- I use Amdro on my yard once a year and I no longer have ant problems, luckily. It used to be REALLY bad until I found Amdro.

    Re: Unwanted guests- I used to have a sign on my front door that said “No sales people, no religious people, no nerds” but someone stole it. It did seem to mostly work, and if people rang the bell anyway, I’d just point to the sign and close the door. It never did work for nerds, though, my brother just kept coming over.

  2. LMAO @ “bastages” (not sure why that’s one of those words that just make me giggle)

    Ivy: Maybe you should have added “No thieves” to your sign. Just a thought. :-)

  3. What is Amdro? A powder or spray. We have tics really bad in our back yard. Will it help on those too?

  4. I would agree with Fire Ants. I’ll give Amdro a try. Are you using the yard treatment or the Firestrike or the regular bait? Maybe I’ll have to try all three…

    For me: Traffic & no sidewalk. I’m quite certain that Lavergne Ln between Stones River Road & David’s way carries more traffic than any other road in LFE, except possibly Stones River Rd itself and Fergus/Bill Stewert. (Bill Stewert is wider and has sidewalks)

    So…I would like to see sidewalks along Stones River Rd north of the Roundabout to Lavergne Ln and along Lavergne Ln east from Stones River Rd. It’s really not safe for pedestrians with the volume of traffic in those areas. I would also like to see Nir Shriebman extended east from the Roundabout to David’s Way.

    One last gripe. As I waited in line along Waldron road this morning, I can’t wait to see that project completed! I hope that the project also includes a reworking of the Parthenon/Nir Shriebman/Murfreesboro Rd intersection as well. Traffic backs up all directions during rush hour.

  5. I would like to know what to do about tics also. They are already horrible and its not summer time.

  6. I think it’s the 3 in 1. Be sure to get the kind that covers fire ants. Fire ants are EVIL. As far as ticks, I have no idea, really. I hate them with a passion.

  7. Changing the subject a bit….does anyone know when the annual plant sale at the high school is?

  8. Diatomaceous earth will kill ants. It’s natural and non-toxic, too, unless you’re asthmatic. (It is dust and can irritate an asthmatic.)

    It also kills fleas and is safe for a dog or cat to lick off themselves. It’s not frontline, but it works pretty well.

    I’d keep guinea fowl if I could; they eat ticks! But they’re loud and I’m also quite sure my dog would kill them. The Hermitage keeps guinea fowl.

  9. I think we’ve tried everything out there to fight ticks and have yet to find anything that really works. I just keep flea and tick collars on my cat and dog and check them every day . . . try spotting a tick on a black lab mix with a chow’s thick fur!

    We don’t seem to have fire ants in our neighborhood, at least not yet. Having lived in New Orleans, I’m quite familiar with them. I stepped in a mound of them while I was barefoot and ended up in the emergency room. The only way I know to completely eradicate them is to burn the mound, but obviously you need to be careful if it’s in the middle of your yard!

  10. I’ve got those oil’ black ants invading my kitchen. Any suggestions?

  11. Damn that T9 language completion… I meant lil’ black ants.

  12. Bugman here again. We are getting killed with the ant calls again this year. The little buggers started early this year and caught our industry off guard. Ticks are another pest that hit hard this year. If you do use over the counter products, follow the directions on the label. Mix products as instructed and remember, more is not better.


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