Stimulate the Economy and Save the Planet With a Yard Sale!

That’s right. You heard me. Think about it, when you recycle your old stuff by selling it to someone who needs it, at a price that they can more readily afford, you make a profit, the landfill breathes a sigh of relief, and the new owner saves a buck while getting that something they’ve been looking for. Dollars are flowing through the local economy, and best of all,  you have helped to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Yard sale season is upon us. The Wifester and I have been preparing for one ourselves when, as I was outside working on my flowerbeds the other day, we were approached by some neighbors with a brilliant idea. They proposed we have a block yard sale. The wheels got to churning and so it’s set. May 9th, Hugh Duffy Cove. We will have at least three houses in the cul-de-sac participating, probably more. So I would like to invite you all to come see if any of our stuff is stuff you would like to take home with you.


If you are using Google Maps, Hugh Duffy Cove is not listed, but is shown, it comes up as Hank Aaron Cove, which is a few blocks down, actually, but the directions into the neighborhood are from the La Vergne Library, turn L on Murfreesboro Rd, turn L on Stone’s River, turn R on La Vergne Lane, go to the second stop sign and turn L on Holland Ridge, just before the Police substation, turn R on Cedar Park go up and around the big curve and Hugh Duffy is on the left.  There will be signs.
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So this all got me to thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to have a site we could check to see where the yard sales are this weekend? What if someone like me decided to put together such a site, who would be willing to send in their yard sale info for me to post, complete with a map to your sale and a date and time for your sale? Lots of us read TiLaV, so it would be great advertisement for your sale because I can keep TiLaV updated with the list, also this is a great resource for those of us who love to hit the sales, but find this economy makes it more difficult to rationalize the gas used driving around looking for one. You could check the site, plan your route, print it, and save time, gas, and therefore even more money! And that gas saved by having a planned route vs. driving around will also help save the environment. It’s a win-win.


Anyone interested in listing their yard sale on my La Vergne and surrounding areas yard sale web site, email me at nomoreemptyfortunecookies(at) with the subject Yard Sale Listing. Give me specifics; location, date, time and any other info you want shared, such as “furniture” or “baby clothes” etc. And I’ll be happy to compile a Yard Sale Listing.


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  1. Here’s an additional thought. We all know that not everything will sell at a yard sale. You might consider donating items to victims in Murfreesboro. One of my daughter’s friends lost their home and everything in it and are literally starting over with nothing. With both the parents losing their jobs thanks to the Whirlpool shutdown, they have a rough road ahead of them. I don’t know if there’s any type of coordinated effort from the city or county at this point, since people who lost their homes probably don’t have anywhere to store donated items.

    On a brighter note, Woodland Hills’ annual yard sale is usually the third or fourth Saturday in May and we’ve had upwards of 60-70 families participate, I’ll let you know more when I get details.

  2. Yay! Yard sales! A mom from my girl scout troop is hosting a yard sale over at Brookside subdivision the last weekend in Apirl. She’s donating the proceeds to my troop, so I’ll probably be over there that weekend. I’ll post more details later.

  3. Wanted to let you guys know that our block has decided to do a yard sale as well! Our yard sale will be on Saturday and Sunday May 2nd and 3rd. The subdivision is Farmingdale. On Waldron Rd., take a right onto Stoneridge (right up from Mapco and the car wash). Then take a right onto Blake Moore Dr. Yard sales should be on that street. Hopefully we will have a few yard sales going on those days. 8am-3pm although some may start earlier.

  4. Hey KC! We’re neighbors… kinda! I’m in Dove Creek!

  5. I’m still fairly new. Where is Dove Creek? Is it in Farmingdale? How cool I’m glad we our neighbors!

  6. I think nofortunecookies’ idea is great. I know last year I found some garage/yard sales listed on craigslist, too.

  7. Thanks! I’m working on the site now. I’ll be sure to add the Farmingdale block sale to the list.

    I think donating the left overs is a wonderful idea…I was going to donate them to the abused women’s shelter and Nashville Union Mission, but I think the storm victims is a WONDERFUL idea…

    Anyone else have any to add?? Keep me posted, you can email me at
    Thanks and happy yard selling!

  8. KC, you drive through “Dove Creek” to get to “Farmingdale”… LOL! The bridge on Stoneridge Pkwy. is the divider… we all tend to function as one subdivision though… especially on July 4th. :)

  9. I never knew that about Dove Creek! I know what you mean about July 4th. Who wants to go see fireworks when you can sit on your porch!

  10. KC, I’m dying to know who you are… most years I’m at the house on your street that has the huge par-tay on the 4th. Have we met and don’t know it yet?

  11. I was wondering how can I get permission to use the cartoon picture…
    for our yard sale flyer.

    I will also use th epic to promote the yard sale in our website and newspaper ad.

    Thank You,
    Pastopr Keila Vega

  12. Eagle Project Yard Sale Fundraiser!! One of our LaVergne Teenagers is working for top honors in Boy Scouts by earning his Eagle and helping the seniors in LaVergne in the process. On July 24th and 25th at 134 Nelson Drive a multi – family yard sale will take place from 7am – 4pm each day. The funds raised will be used to repaint the parking lot and add flower, shrubs and such for added curb appeal at Ahepa 343 Apartments. Thank you in advance for your support!

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