Where Were You on Friday?

Tornado DamageI was having lunch with a client in Smyrna when I heard a tornado touched down in Murfreesboro.  Then I overheard a couple of women talking that a tornado had been spotted on Waldron Road.  That report was never confirmed.  My friends, family and colleagues were very fortunate.  My thoughts and prayers go to those who lost the ones they love and to others who lost their homes and businesses.

What were you doing on Friday when the tornadoes swept through?

Here’s a photo my daughter took on Saturday as we headed to The Avenue for an appointment.


6 Responses

  1. I was at home and got half a dozen phone calls about the touchdown on Waldron Road, but never heard anything on the news about it. I was more worried about Blackman and Murfreesboro, since we have lots of friends in both areas. My brother-in-law and his wife live in Blackman, but were out of town and their two elderly cats were home alone. Thank the Lord they were all unhurt.

    My daughter has a close friend whose house was completely demolished, but everyone’s okay, which is the most important thing. Guess it’s a good thing schools were closed . . . I can’t imagine knowing a tornado’s headed your way and not being able to get to your kids, plus I’m sure it would have taken the buses several hours to get home.

  2. I was at work in Nashville, I still can hear the continuous sound of the sirens alarming us of possible tornadoes, it seemed to never be over as I worried of my family in LaVergne.

    Those of us who worked Friday, sat with our eyes glued to the television, I distinctly remember, in disbelief, watching the tornado cross over I-24.

    I waited to leave work, until the weather was clear, never so happy to get home and know that my family was safe.

    My friend was a mile away from the destruction in Blackman, she and her family was home, thankfully they are both okay, other than the trauma of living through this terrible disaster.

    My thought’s and prayer’s go out to the many families affected.

  3. My daughter and I were at the movies in Smyrna to see the new Hannah Montana movie. Before the movie started, we were evacuated into the hallways. Everyone was really calm and it went smoothly.

  4. I was in my car headed for Nashville. I had the radio on 92.9 FM and WKRN was being simulcast. I can confirm it was WKRN that reported a tornado crossed I-24 at Waldron Road, but after they saw the Blackman tornado, they never followed up on it. I was worried sick that my home was going to be destroyed. Thank God I was spared!

  5. I live in Woodland Hills and sections of our wooden privacy fence blew over. Our neighbor had a tree fall on the back of their house and some of the trees in the wooded area at the back of the neighborhood were snapped over. I was in my driveway watching and it was not a touchdown, but it sure was some type of rotation overhead. The hail stopped for a few seconds, the wind suddenly changed direction, and thats when the fence and the trees fell.

  6. Wow, Jean, I also live in Woodland Hills and neither we nor any of our neighbors had any damage at all, not even twigs in our yard. We probably had less than 10 seconds of hail, too.

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