Anyone looking for a room to rent?

I have a friend who is looking for a roommate to share her three bedroom two and a half bath house with two car garage in La Vergne, just off of Bill Stewart Blvd….if you or anyone you know is interested, email her for more info.

She’s an MTSU student, so another student would probably be the best option.

On another note, anyone going to the Zombie fest in Smyrna tomorrow? It should be a hoot to see so many zombies roaming around town. Besides, with the Country Music Marathon going on, I want to stay as far away from downtown as possible!


6 Responses

  1. Not tomorrow… the zombies will be out on Sunday. I want to participate, but 7am is awfully early for a weekend.

  2. Oh! thanks…I’d of shown up on the wrong day! LOL

  3. There is a zombie crawl in smyrna?!

  4. I can’t wait for the zombie thing… it’s not a crawl. A movie is being made. I think my daughters and I are going to go! Are there fat zombies?

  5. 119 front street in smyrna is the breaking bread restuarant for those that want to know.

  6. can you only show up if you are going to get zombied up for the filming? Or do you think they will allow spectators with cameras?

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