From LHS Choir …

Buy a book, support the choir!

Once again…I am asking you to help in the support of LaVergne High School Choir…..

The LHS Choraliers and Concert Choir will be performing Thursday, April 30th at Barnes & Noble in Murfreesboro at The Avenues from 6-8.

This will be a fundraising event in which you can come out and see them perform and when making purchases mention our Name/Code 490508 then B&N will donate a portion of your purchases made Thursday, Friday and Saturday to the LHS Choir.

Please come and show your support….It does not cost you anything extra.  Also, tell your friends and family all over the USA….this number is good at ANY Barnes and Noble store for those 3 days.


4 Responses

  1. You must be a mind-reader. They mentioned this at the concert on Thursday night and I’ve been trying to get the code so I can spread the word. Personally, this has motivated me to do some early Christmas shopping this weekend – which I’ve NEVER done this far ahead of time!! :)

  2. Speaking of the LHS Music Department, I went to the band’s spring concert tonight and it was absolutely amazing! I went to the later concert at 8, and there were a lot fewer people there. It made it a completely enjoyable experience as everyone who was there was very quiet and respectful.

    As for the Choraliers, I heard them at the fall concert and they are also amazing! It’s funny- people ask me why in the world I would send my kid to LHS and really, it’s all due to the music department.

  3. I agree…. I would not have my kids go ANYWHERE else.

    Thanks for showing your support. Dont forget the Fundraiser at B&N….the performance is Thursday, but the fundraiser is Thurs-Sunday.

  4. Thank you to those that came out lastnight to support the LHS Choir…please continue to visit B&N this weekend as the fundraiser is still in effect.

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