Saggy Breeches? Sue Them!

With all the other problems facing this state and country, I find it somewhat discouraging that saggy pants are what’s being tackled by the Legislature.  It appears that some people are offended at the sight of seeing someone’s underwear due to the fashion (un)statement of wearing saggy britches.

I don’t like the look.  It makes me laugh seeing kids having to hold up their pants while they walk.  It makes me laugh harder when I hear about kids whose pants fall down because they ran with saggy slacks.  Seeing the saggy pants – to me – just shows a lack of common sense.  Yes it wouldn’t be a bad thing to prohibit in a high school dress code, but to make it ILLEGAL?

I think our elected officials have more important things to worry about.  What do you think?


21 Responses

  1. there are more important things to worry about but i am tired of seeing those baggy pants. my stepson tries to pull that crap and i don’t allow it

  2. Well, I think the problem with it being a law is that means police will have to take time away from “real” crime to address baggy pants. Of course, is speeding a real crime if you’re not endangering anyone else???

    …However, from a revenue standpoint it’s a great law. The lottery is a great way to generate revenue from people who can’t do math, this law would generate revenue from people who don’t have a sense of style!

    In all seriosness though, right now it is already against the law to walk around in your underwear ( indecent exposure), so I don’t see this as a big deal. Just clarifying that their is a reason that “under” is in “underwear.”

  3. It was sagging or holes in our jeans, running around without shoes, listening to music that offends… there is ALWAYS something the youth’s do that their parents and grandparents (or people their age) don’t like.

    Beyond that, this is a very targeted law that can be used in order to un-equitably target minority populations for further and more invasive legal action.

  4. Do we really need to throw racism into the discussion? And more importantly, why would you think that only minorities are wearing their pants below their waist?

    • if it’s there it’s there. I’ll not leave it unsaid because it’s uncomfortable. Sagging is and has always been associated with younger black guys, denying that is sorta silly. Just look at the language associated with it, and you’ll see it’s very closely tied with the language of gangster rap.

      • I believe you are the one putting it in there. Do you think only young black guys listen to rap? Really, do you?

        I graduated from high school within the last decade, I went to a school that was 95% white. Trust me, this is not something that only young black males do.

  5. I think its just tacky to see someones underwear. what would be next? Will they stop wearing underwear and then we can see their buttocks? God I hope not!

  6. The cops like the baggy saggy pants because the bad guys can’t run very fast!

  7. What’s the difference in boys showing their boxers and girls walking around half-dressed with their bras showing? I think its a lack of morality, not anything to do with minorities, ethniticity or social standing. You see as many “rich kids” baring it all as you do poor.

    • yes Angie, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    • I’m pretty sure you would classify my foul mouth or offensive shirts as a lack of morality as well, which is debatable, but in general it’s also my freedom to use it and wear them. (Not counting public broadcast, that’s a whole ‘nother thing.)

      Differing moral standards is a fact of life, even among VERY “moral” people. Legislative empowerment of one set over another is very problematic however.

      Now, I don’t begrudge establishment owners the right to set dress codes for their places of business. They have the right to kick me out for an offensive shirt just as much as I have the right to not shop there for a policy that I find odorous. When we start legislating what people can and cannot wear, and how it should be work… That’s a very definite line we cross.

      • We already legislate what people can and cannot wear, to an extent. If some guy is walking down Murfreesboro road in nothing but his whitey tighteys, he will be cited (and probably taken to LPD to get dressed, but not “arrested”).

        In addition, you cannot walk down the street wearing a shirt that has a picture of a naked person on the front. That is legislating what you can or cannot wear. The only gray area I know of is the naked statue in Nashville, but I don’t believe a t-shirt would be interpreted as “art.”

        Legal precedent tells us that your rights end where my rights begin. You may have heard the saying before that you have a right to punch me in the face, but your rights end at the tip of my nose. If you are out of view of the public you can wear, say, or do whatever you want. But your rights do not impede my rights to not expose myself or my family to vulgarity.

        I don’t think any of this is or should be a judgement on “morality.” We could look at Bono from U2 who by all accounts is a moral and faithful Christian, but who is unable to control his use of the F bomb.

  8. This topic got me to thinking about something else that might be considered a useless law. I don’t know why I’m just now noticing, but as I go out and ride my bike each evening, I notice that there are a bunch of kids on the streets, I’m wearing a helmet and they’re not? For some reason I thought the law said kids under 16 have to wear helmets? Turns out, it does!! (55-52-105). Bicycle helmets do save lives, a 40+ year old guy who goes to my church broke his neck falling off his bike, his wife told me he would have died if he didn’t have his helmet on.

    So back to the point – If the police already do not enforce a law that we know saves lives (bicycle helmets on kids), why would they enforce the saggy pants law?

    • I’d actually be very interested in seeing how many tickets were issued under that code. Even better, how many interactions with someone who was subsequently arrested or issued a citation for something other than the helmet law were started because of a helmet. Regardless, “kids on bikes” doesn’t have the threatening social implications of someone sagging (I.E. they are trying to be gangster.)

      Regardless, the pants law protects nobody, and the helmet law does. As you noted, this probably would lead to lack of real enforcement. Generally this kind of setup leads to selective and arbitrary targeting, when an officer is looking for something additional to tack on.

  9. I was at a lecture once and the speaker was a former prison minister. He told a story about speaking at high school and told about how the sagging had started with young prisoners. When he told the high schoolers that it was so the veteran prisoners could catch the newbies easier, he said that over half of the boys stood up and pulled up their pants right then and there.

    As much as I hate seeing it, it is just “fashionable” and I am old.

    • What do you mean about “catch the newbies easier?” I heard that sagging pants started in prisons to let people know they are ready to engage in “activity.” Just curious if we were talking about the same thing.

  10. I thought sagging your pants was called “jailing” because the prisoners have their belts taken away.

  11. Fashion has ALWAYS been a process of exposing your underwear. Remember when skirts had a row of eyelet lace around the bottom? That was suggestive of your slip showing. Nowadays, girls wear those same slips as dresses and boys wear their pants so low their undies show.

    Remember “peasant shirts”? Those were originally underdresses, too.

    • and T-shirts! T-shirts were men’s undershirts, never worn in public until the rebels of the 1950’s made it their standard dress.

  12. Maybe by the next decade or so everone will be running around naked as a jailbird and having a good ole time.

    Either that or the rapture will have come and everyone still on earth is in for a nice suprise.

    Either way, someone will figure out how to gain a benefit from it.

    in all seriousness though, as offensive as it may be to some people to see, what is it, about and inch or so of boxer it’s not going to cause any real problems. Sure it could be the individual is trying to act ‘gangster’ or maybe he or she (and yes there are women that do this too) just happen to like constantly tugging at their pants all day. It would definately save you on clothing if you ever lost weight.

    If you want to get offended by a man with sagging pants, make sure you get offended by the plumber in your house that shows his crack while working on your sink.

    All this said though, just becaue society is hitting a new low everyday doesn’t mean you have to compromise your personal values and beliefs. Most of my pants are a bit loose I will admit. But I also own belts to make up for that. I am a rather cheap person, and don’t feel the need to buy new pants when I can just use a belt on the ones I own, granted this is about the people that choose not to use belts. Back to the original point in this section though, you well have the authority as parents to control what your children wear, as long as what they wear does not inflict physical or mental harm upon another what is worn is worn by right. Now, if someone’s saggy pants mentally or physically harmed another (I would love an example as to how this can happen if anyone is up for it) their saggy pants would not be protected.

    In terms of law enforcement, I agree, it is a complete waste to send the officers of the law out in to the community to play Fashion Police. They are better of doing real police work. It will. however, give them another option to add to a ticket as they could ask the driver to exit a car and cite them with a nonmoving violation even if they have nothing else to get them for now.

    Our tax dollars at work?

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