Congratulations Class of 2009

I may be partial to LaVergne High School’s class of 2009 since my daughter is a member, but WARM CONGRATULATIONS on their graduation Saturday evening.  There were nearly 400 students who graduated in a wonderful ceremony!  My friend who’s been to nearly 15 high school graduations said LHS’s BY FAR was the BEST she’s seen.  So kudos to the students graduates, teachers, and administration who put together such a wonderful program!

Here are some photos of both the rehearsal and the actual event, held at the Murphy Center Saturday, May 16 at 6:00 p.m.


Graduation rehearsal was Wednesday, May 13th from Noon – 3:00 p.m.

Excited students


Choraliers rehearse.
Speaking of choirs and on a side note, the LaVergne MIDDLE School Choir is hosting its spring fundraiser, The Chocolate House – Back to the 80s on Tuesday May 19th at 7:01pm.  The cost of admission is $5.00 and the event will be held at LMS.

Choraliers Rehearse

Mr. Daniels is pretty no-nonsense.  These people are serious about the dignity of the graduation ceremony.

Mr. Daniels is all serious.

They DO get to throw their caps at the end … I got a great photo of that coming up!

Throwing the baseball caps

The Big Night

The Daily News Journal also has photos here.  While my daughter didn’t make it in any, I recognized many of her friends.

The seats were packed

My girl is in the middle of the crowd down below – she’s the one with the long blond hair.

Long Blond Hair

My friend was amazed that the band was there, along with the choir and all kinds of other dignitaries.  If I remember correctly, Mayor Irwin, Alderwoman Sherry Green, Alderwoman Senna Mosley, and Alderman Dennis Waldron were introduced, along with school board members and our city commissioner Doug Shafer.  I’ve probably left someone off, but I wanted to thank all of our elected officials for their support.

How awesome

Up go the caps!

Graduation 038

Again, warm congratulations to the Class of 2009!  I heard that in all, the graduates received nearly $5 MILLION in scholarship funds.  That’s incredible and worthy of our praise!  We’re very proud of you!!!