Something new on Waldron Road…

OMG!!!  There are new things on Waldron Road… has anyone noticed besides me???  Okay, I can hear the crickets chirping and the neighborhood rooster crowing…but…  They actually put down new PAVEMENT on Waldron Road… not as much as is needed, but at least you won’t lose a filling in your teeth when you go past La Vergne Fire Station #2 and Stoneridge Parkway.  

And then a piece on down the road by Champion’s Choice, there are strange metal poles up that look like they might actually hold traffic lights.  I almost wrecked when I saw those!  Does this mean something other than we will have 8 traffic lights within a 2.2 mile stretch of road?  Dare I dream that we might actually get traffic lights on poles, like those in Smyrna, everywhere else in our fair city?!?

And Congrats to the La Vergne Wine and Spirits store for 7 great years!!!


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  1. The traffic lights might mean that the city has no plans to expand the road any time soon. That would be a very bad thing for the many that travel that road between 6:30-7:00a.m. and 5:00-6:00p.m. everyday. I am one of those people and expansion can not get her soon enough. I’m tired of creeping and sitting still on Waldron for an unnecessary extra 10-15 minutes than is necessary to get to the interstate or to Murfreesboro Road.

  2. I agree with Thomas. More traffic lights on Waldron is not a good thing. It will already slow down this disaster of a thoroughfare. We don’t needs more traffic lights until we get a complete expansion to four lanes.

  3. It was so weird coming up to that stop and not bouncing, that first morning. I’m still a little wierded out about it. Now if they would actually expand Carothers and fix that huge dip as you come over the bridge..

  4. Good point Thomas. I remember when I first moved here in 2006 and I was reading in the paper that Waldron Rd is going to be expanding to 5 lanes (2 driving, 1 turning). Then there was problems with the money. Can this city keep any promises?

    Also, have tried getting on 24 from Old Hickory instead of Waldron Rd.?

  5. Good point Thomas. I remember when I first moved here in 2006 and I was reading in the paper that Waldron Rd is going to be expanding to 5 lanes (4 driving, 1 turning). Then there was problems with the money. Can this city keep any promises?

    Also, have tried getting on 24 from Old Hickory instead of Waldron Rd.?

  6. I’m trying to post commentson this site but the don’t show up. Can anyone see this?

  7. I continue to weave right to miss those horrible bumps that used to be at Waldron X Stoneridge. And I’ve seen other drivers do the same thing! LOL! But I am SO glad they re-paved that area. There are still 1000 potholes before you get to Lake Road, but the worst part is fixed.

    I really, really hope that Waldron (nee Parthenon) gets widened, too. Some bike lanes would be really nice; I had to dodge a truck to keep from hitting a bicycler the day before yesterday. His wheels were on the white line and I was sure at any moment he’d wind up in the grass. I felt sorry for him; he should be able to ride in safety.

  8. The widening of Waldron Road was “coming soon” when I moved here in 2003. 6 years later and the city still has not even aquired the neccessary right-of-ways to begin the widening process.

    Seriously, I’ve give up on this one. I’m about to give up on the Chaney sidewalks too. I always feel bad for the poor kids having to walk to school in the ditch.

    • heh, it’d be interesting if we all started having dinner and then showing up at the budget meetings to ask them every month when the road will be done.

    • Chaney REALLY needs sidewalks. There are kids walking to school in the grass every day. Maybe everyone should buy a bag of cement and show up with shovels, eh?

  9. It’s rare that I ever travel on Waldron Road anymore. Nothing but traffic, traffic and traffic and slow traffic at that. In the mornings, I go straight through to Hobson Pike and get on 24, much quicker.
    In the afternoons, I take Waldron to the street next to the McDonald’s and take the back way home. End up right in front of Krogers/next to Advance Auto.

    Now, what’s up with Rite Aid?? Why did La Vergne let this happen?
    Hmmm, within a few blocks we have CVS, Kroger pharmacy, La Vergne pharmacy (next to Advance) and Walgreens.
    We have Advance Auto, O’Rileys and that other one that I can never remember their name next to McDonalds.

    M’boro road in La Vergne just looks trashy with all. We must have a lot of broke down cars and a lot of pill poppers!

  10. Jawsette – I agree. It’s 4 pharmacies & 4 auto parts stores: Advance, AutoZone, O’Reilly’s and Napa. Can we get a hardware store? It’s down to Smyrna for Lowes, Home Depot or Ace Hardware to get any hardware store related items. On the other hand my car runs great and I feel fine. Didn’t Rite Aid close a bunch of stores recently?

    I’m also in favor of a lot more sidewalks, and getting Waldron Road completed ASAP. I hope the Waldron/Parthenon Rd plans include improving the intersection at Murfreesboro road. It can back up a looong way on Murfreesboro Road some evenings. I think last Halloween eve, I was stuck in that traffic jam a half hour.

    • Alot of drugstores and auto parts stores yes, but, you forgot to mention how many car washes are here!
      I guess every town has a couple titlemax’s too these days.

      Does anyone happen to know a place to fill a propane tank for my barbeque besides lowes or home depot type exchanges?

      • Joey –

        Go to the Good Sam (used to be KOA) Campground in Smyrna at the intersection of Old Nashville Hwy. and Rocky Fork Road. They will refill your tank… it’s a tad bit cheaper than swapping tanks, if my memory serves me correctly.

      • I just filled my tank up there last night and they charge exactly $20. It is called the Nashville I-24 Campground. Unfortunately it’s yet another reason to go out of La Vergne with your money. I guess the good news is that it’s still in Rutherford county.

  11. I agree that it seems silly for us to be surrounded by so many similar stores, but here area few things to remember:

    1 – The city does not regulate what businesses can locate in town, other than adult businesses. They can regulate the structures built using zoning laws, but that’s about it.

    2 – Smyrna has a similar problem, several restaurants within a small area (Chili’s, Logan’s, Hickory Falls, IHOP, Cheddars, Red Robin, and Famous Dave’s). If we had that “problem,” would anyone complain?

    3 – Unless/Until La Vergne does something to improve our image, most of the national chains will continue to locate in Smyrna. That’s a discussion topic that could easily fill up it’s own thread.

    I too agree about the sidewalks, but the problem is I’m afraid the number of people who care enough to push our leaders on these types of issues is dwindling. As homeowners continue moving out and renters continue moving in, I think the mindset of our citizens changes. When I first moved to Nashville and rented an apartment, I didn’t care about any of the local politics because I didn’t intend to be there long term, and I wasn’t. However, I own my home in La Vergne and therefore have a financial interest in seeing this area prosper. I think every community in Middle Tennessee has seen their property values drop, but what concerns me is will our property values increase when other communities start seeing their property values go back up? Will people want to invest their money into a home in La Vergne?

    • Yep, what Michael said.

      Michael, funny how we can agree on so much about the city and so little on everything else.

    • I think I’m on the same page with you every time, Michael. Being a fairly new resident to La Vergne, I’ve definitely sensed what you described, but haven’t fully grasped it yet.

      Hopefully we can improve our image as a city, and it’s not too late. It definitely has a long sales cycle, and requires a long-term view. Certainly it is connected with many of the issues that get discussed on this board on a regular basis.

      • welcome to La Vergne snowman! No, I don’t think it’s too late for this city.

        I agree with you about thinking long-term. I think we need to pay special attention to the election in 2010 when terms end for our current Mayor and Vice Mayor. Mayor Erwin considered leaving office a couple of years ago to run for state senate so I don’t expect he will run for re-election. The candidates who will be elected in 2010 have the possibility to shape our city for the next generation.

  12. Yes, Smyrna has a lot of restaurants but what I get at Chilis’ isn’t what I get at I-Hop or at Logans.
    Here, I can buy the same oil at any of the auto stores and all the exact same drugs at any of the drugstores.

    My husband and I work in Nashville but try to spend all of our money here in Rutherford County which is usually in Smyrna and the ‘Boro. Not much goes into La Vergne except my gas at the Kroger.

    I agree that as a renter you don’t worry about what goes on in your community nor do you keep up with your yard. I’m constantly planting flowers or trees and mowing every week but our neighbors who rent barely mow until you can’t see their window. Drives me nuts as I have done so much in my yard!!

    We live in Stone’s River Cove and I think half the houses are rented. It’s sad but at least someone is living in them and I’m not next to a vacant!

    I know I’ve said this before, but at the roundabout on Stone’s River Road is NOT NOT NOT NOT a stop sign, IT’S YIELD!! If you see no one coming, please, drive on through… it’s okay!

    Go Magic! :-)

    • Your restaurant comparison is intersting but not neccesarily true. For one, you can get Chicken Tenders at Chili’s, Logan’s, and Hickory falls. No, they are not “exactly” the same, but similar. Same thing with the autoparts, you can buy an alternator at any of the parts stores, but it won’t be the same brand or price. In fact, I can tell you I had to go to all 4 of our auto parts stores one day looking for a PCV valve for my car. O’Reilly’s was my last stop and they’re the ones who had it.

      It is fairly easy to tell how many homes on your street are rented. Go to and enter your street. One column list the mailing address for the owner, the other lists the property address. If the owners mailing address is different than the property address, you can pretty well assume that’s a rental.

      • Wow . . . very interesting site. I played Nosy Nancy and checked the assessed value of a bunch of houses in our neighborhood.

        It’s actually kinda scary how much info is out there for the world to see if you only know where to look! (And, yes, I’m bookmarking the site for future reference.)

      • I can’t get mine to work. Could be a Mac thing.

    • Thanks for the welcome Michael!

      I generally drive into the roundabout without even slowing down unless a car is coming. The question I have is when should you use the inside lane vs. the outside lane? My theory is if you are going beyond the very next street, you should use the inside lane to allow others to merge in. However, everyone uses the outside lane all the time (after stopping at the intersection!)

  13. snowmanhow, I hold the same theory. I’m not sure what the point of two lanes would be if everyone uses the outer lane anyways.

  14. Okay, I don’t get the same thing at I-Hop as I do Chili’s (no eggs at Chili’s I have my fav food at each place.

    I think the two lanes at the roundabout is in case someone breaks down or an ambulance/fire truck is coming through, they can get around. I haven’t seen an 18 wheeler go thru there yet but I’m assuming that would be interesting!

    I’m going to go check out that site about the homes around here. Thanks for that info!

    Okay, we lost game one but we will come back! Go Orlando!!

    • I didn’t say someone “would” get the same food at the different restaurants, I said you “could” get the same type of food. Just wanted to clarify.

  15. Ohhhhh… am I the only one that gets that ugly ring around your toilet like every other day or are we the only ones? The water is so hard and ugly that if I don’t clean my toilet everyday, it looks like I never clean it.
    And La Vercrappy keeps sending me water notices every few months stating that the water is fine..
    I will have to go to the next council meeting and bring them all water from my faucet :-)

    • Your comments are intersting, I was watching some of the M/A meeting the other night and the guy from the water department said they have not had a non-bill related complaint in 2 years!

      As far as the water quality, in my opinion our water is actually pretty good. Smyrna’s water is terrible, just order water at one of their many retaurants and compare it to yours. Your water stains are from hard water which everyone in the south has unless you invest in a water softener. I have a friend from Minnesota and she said up there they complain that the water is too soft, it feels like bathing in grease!

      I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

      • I disagree, the water here tastes far worse than in Smyrna. The best water around here is in downtown Nashville, which I presume comes from the Cumberland. Go figure.

        The best water I have ever tasted came from a small town in southern indiana. It tasted sweet and pure and clear. Too bad that was the only good thing about that shit town.

  16. Jawsette –

    I also have the horrible “water rings”… hubby says it’s from very high manganese component (?)… all I know is I keep water purifiers on my drinking water or I don’t drink it – it’s color is strange. And I have to replace shower-heads, etc., every year or so because of the funky build-up from the water… but …

  17. if you put some vinegar in a cup you can soak your shower heads and save alot of money instead of replacing them.

    The same goes for your toilets… put just a capful of vinegar in your toilet and use the brush once a week….. no ring….

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