Hello June!

…May, don’t let the door hit you in the @$$ on your way out!!!


I’m so happy to be done with May I could dance a jig. I would but my butt still has a burn that hurts when I wiggle.
See previous post re: having a seizure at Target.

So, not only did I get the lovely butt-burn, as we’ve come to call it at my house with all love and tenderness intended, of course. Following the butt-burn incident I was visited by yet another seizure last week in which I somehow threw out my back in the process.

Wifester said I constricted pretty tight, and that my back was arched, so I suppose that’s what did it. I spent a few days with heating pads and dreams of being young and not afflicted by such troubles.

Don’t get me wrong, May held some good times. There was the release of the new Star Trek movie, and subsequently the new Star Trek movie glasses from Burger King! Remember the ones from back in the 80’s? Oh, did I give away my age there? The problem with May has mostly been that it has rained pretty much every weekend  ever since Spring sprung, until that is, this weekend.

the couds parted and the angels sang

the couds parted and the angels sang

With all the sunshine and angel song in the air, the Wifester and I decided it’s been a bit too long since we took the Sunny Dog for a picnic in the park. We promptly packed one up and headed out. We have a neighborhood park right around the corner from where we live with picnic tables and shade trees. No playground equipment for kids, but hey, they gave us picnic tables and shade trees…
This park shares property with our LFE Police Sub-Station that was installed last year to hopefully help curb the crime rates in this area., well, you know why they installed it.
I’ve been hopeful about the prospects of having police presence within the neighborhood like this, thinking it would deter criminal activity.

One of my acquaintances from the area commented to me once that she noticed that the same police cars seemed to always be there and the station always seemed to be empty. She wondered if they were simply parked there to grant the appearance of a manned station. That peaked my curiosity. Especially after that U-Haul incident, in which I am certain that I prevented my neighbor’s house from being robbed.

The first thing Wifester and I noticed as we turned into the drive for the park/police sub-station was the front door to the station. Or maybe I should say the Ginormous piece of ply board substituting for a door on the police sub-station.

That’s pretty peculiar. Right? I mean, to me, and I’m no CSI professional, but to me, it looks like the kind of thing one may do after a door has been busted in on.


Upon further inspection, it did appear that at least on this day the police sub-station in question was in fact, unmanned with two police cars parked in the back.

Shrugging our shoulders and marking it off to be just another one of those things…we headed on back to the park area.

The next thing that we encountered at our community park was an abundance of these signs:

Really? A park that insists visitors stay off the grass? If they intended it to mean for visitors not to park on the grass, one would think that the signs would be located only in the driveway and parking lot, and read “Do Not Park on Grass” or “No Parking on Grass” or something of the kind. But in my experience, when there is a Stay off Grass sign, the posters of said sign meant just that. And typically they provided a sidewalk to walk on.
Not my neighborhood park, provided by my wonderful city. They stragecialy placed every picnic table IN THE GRASS and then posted a billion signs asking us to STAY OFF GRASS, and I’m pretty sure that was not just an anti-marijuana campaign…

Unable to find a path to any picnic table that was not covered in grass, and not in the mood to receive a citation or fine, Wifester and I opted instead to take the Sunny Dog to Long Hunter State Park. It’s a bit of a ride to get there, but Sunny Dog loves the car ride and there’s no silly Stay off Grass warnings. Plus, we got to see deer and wild turkeys and silly teenagers risking certain death by jumping off of the cliffs and into the lake.

I’m so glad June is here. I hope all the bad Juju that May brought with it is over now too.

5 Responses

  1. nofortunecookies,

    Don’t worry, I’m also glad to see May, gone! Sorry, to hear about the seizure’s and now the back trouble, hope you get to feeling better.

    As for the police sub-station, you confirmed what I’ve noticed, two police cars and no activity. Hmmm, I live rather close and it looks the same, everyday.

    What’s up with plywood on the door’s and no walking on grass signs by a park? Guess they need to keep us away, so no one will notice!

    I was very pleased when they announced the opening of the sub-station, thinking it’s going to decrease the crime in lfe, now I’m left wondering, is this just another waste of resource’s and why?

  2. The park sounds like a whole lot of Right Hand Not Knowing What the Left Hand Is Doing. Or perhaps only birds are allowed to use the picnic benches?

    Have you called the police headquarters to ask what’s going on? Surely someone knows…something.

  3. I haven’t called the headquarters…just been kinda busy. But that’s a good idea. I mean, we have a right to know if something other than a freakish wind damaged that door, right?

  4. maybe the police station needs to be turned into a neighborhood store to recover the money spent
    to put the station in “our park”

  5. Love your writing, kiddo! Looks like someone should have made a sign that said, “Stay Outta Da Police Station”

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