Ninja Food!

After I left city hall today from paying my water bill, I noticed there’s a new restaurant … forgive me when I mess up the name because I didn’t write it down.  R&K Ninja Restaurant, or maybe K&R Ninja Food?   I remember the Ninja part and that there’s food involved.  Does anyone know anything about this place?  Sushi?  Hibachi?

Wait… GOOGLE to the rescue!  S&K Ninja Restaurant.  It’s located in the new retail building with or near the Dominos Pizza place.  I want to hear more!


6 Responses

  1. That restaurant has been there for a while. It’s Thai/Laotian food, dine in or carry-out.

  2. There are Thai ninjas? I thought ninjas came from Japan!!

  3. What happened to the Hero’s place? I noticed the sign is gone

  4. the Hero’s place has been closed for a little bit now…

  5. I tried the Ninja restaurant and found it disappointing. They have an extremely limited menu. It is Thai food but nothing like The Noodle House. The staff was friendly and helpful with trying to explain the dishes they have. The food was average. I’ve had better and I’ve had worse.

  6. This place is fantastic! The food is made to order and is brought fresh and hot right to the table. If you are looking for a typical Chinese restaurant – this is not it. However, enjoy the noodle dishes, get them with combo meat of succulent pork and beef slices with chicken and fresh shrimps. The egg rolls are delicious and the spring rolls are out of this world. The sauces are incredible but beware of the wasabi with the sushi – it is incredibly delicious but will bring tears with just a bit and has become my favorite wasabi. each appetizer, entree or soup costs just $2 to $3 – this is not a commercial restaurant and local Asians go there to eat yet the food is presented artistically and impeccably. It is an adventure that could become addicting.

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