A lesson in proper sign placement

OK,  so Police Chief Boyd says that three officers spend 40 hrs a week each in Lake Forest, and that they are patrolling the streets of LFE. I have my doubts about those numbers, but alrighty, we’ll go with it.  If that is in fact the case, why are Stop signs being illegally occluded by random Yard Sale signs?

edited yard sale sign

that’s not all, a few blocks up, there was this one:

edited stop signsBoth of these were within about three blocks of each other on La Vergne Lane, which makes me wonder, if there are police patrolling so faithfully, why is something like this allowed to stand? I mean, not only is it tacky, come on, there are plenty of light poles around to stick your signs on, but isn’t it also illegal to cover up traffic signs?

Besides, even if the light poles are truly so full, there’s always the very inexpensive wire sign holders that can be purchased for next to nothing at Home Depot or Lowe’s or most any office supply store. They’re great, you stick em in the ground, pop your sign into it, and viola, a free standing poster for your yard sale! sign holder

And if that’s just too much for you, there is the free service of notifying us at The Rutherford Co Yard Sale Directory, and we’ll be happy to update the Yard Sale List with your event’s date, time, and address.

There are just so many ways to do it the right way, that there’s just no excuse for covering up stop signs in a neighborhood where there are constantly children out in the streets. I mean, wasn’t there recently a child struck by a car here in LFE??  Isn’t that reason enough not to go around sticking your yard sale and garage sale signs over the Stop signs?

*Soapbox removed…Fortune Cookies climbing down*


25 Responses

  1. I hate it when signs get covered up.

    • As a city employee and a resident in LaVergne, I would suggest that the residents start calling city hall about this. This problem is not just a Lake Forest problem, but for the entire city. The McFarland. Point subdivision has a homeowner ( paid) assc. They can only do yard sales on certain days and the neighborhood must comply as a group. Lake Forest does not have HOA. Also some people that comlain about the job that the officers do. Lpd doesn’t have a lot of officers. They work 12 hr shifts to keep down over time because of the shortage of officers. There are not high tax based eaterys here like other cities have or some good retal stores. Also residents can address by not having 3 cars in a driveway built for 2. That’s not the citys fault that’s the homeowner bad jugdement. Last of all try to look at it from the officers point of view. When they do something unlike most peoples jobs. People in public service have to listen to the citizen complain and if they don’t get their way they call city hall then they call the chief. So now the chief has to deal with city hall, the citizens and the officer, yet still get the job done within the confines of the law. Last of all become a cop and make some changes yourself. Speed Traps ha ha. The speed limits are posted, and the cops are not driving your vehicles, you are. They didn’t tell you speed, you did that yourself.

  2. The people putting up these signs are the same people that drive past your house and toss out their bags of mcdonalds trash onto the roadside. (if they even bother to aim for the side of the road!)

  3. I actually witnessed a drug deal going down between a guy loitering on the street corner and a person who pulled up and stopped on the corner of La Vergne Lane and Holland Ridge Dr.

    La Vergne has problems, I suspect other neighborhoods have worse – but I won’t be a homeowner much longer in this neighborhood. It’s not an environment I wish to raise any children in; especially when children (unattended or not) are getting hit by drivers (speeding or not). I’m sure it could be worse, but it’s not worth the property taxes or the home loan interest rate.

    At least, not when half your street has for sale signs posted, shingles ripped from their roofs, five plus cars in a four car driveway (meaning one on the grass); crap in their front yard and dogs they let run free without a leash.

    I’m definitely tiring of this mess.

  4. Speaking of tiring of the mess. For some reason I stumbled upon the metro station and the planning commission meeting was on from May 26. If I heard it correctly, apparently, we will be getting (if not already) the business of fortune telling in La Vergne. I’m starting to feel this city is a lost cause, it will continue to be the armpit of Rutherford Co. I would sell my townhouse but, I owe 20,000 more than what it’ll appraise for. Re-donk-alis!

    • Jennifer,

      LaVergne only becomes a lost cause, when then community doesn’t get involved, if we want change, we need to act upon these issues, those in elected positions at City Hall need to be made aware of the issues the community has and the larger the numbers, the more pressure they have to make change.


    • We’re getting a fortune teller? Like in the Robert Plant & Allison Krause song?

  5. I am having to relocate (due to work) and am going from La Vergne to Atlanta… I have been in LFE for the past 10 years and love it. I do hate the fact that nothing go forward, it’s always down.

  6. I wonder where the 120 hours a week are spent at? Could that be the average hours attending to the calls from dispatch, or actual patrol hours that are spent on the street?

    The majority of patroling in lfe that I see, would be the speed traps and most of them are right outside of lfe, maybe, that’s how the chief would justify these hours, as stated.

    Maybe the police sub-station wouldn’t of been broke into if the station was ever used, what a waste of funds, I didn’t know the budget’s were so great that we can just throw away the taxpayer monies.

    • nclb – You and I wonder the same thing. Where are those 120 hours being spent? The chief says it’s in patrolling the streets and manning the sub-station, from what I gathered from the report Deanna Lambert did on it a couple of weeks ago, but…
      If patrols were being made, wouldn’t those of us who live in LFE see an increased police presence? I don’t, and I live in the armpit of LFE, where additional police presence is needed more then ever.

      I agree with your statement to Jennifer that La Vergne only becomes lost when the community doesn’t get involved. Look at the corner that East Nashville has turned. From a crime-ridden, drug infested, gang run area, to what is now a mostly artisian, eclectic and trendy area with skyrocketing home values.
      Not that La Vergne has the old, beautiful, stately homes that can be refurbished like East Nashville did, but as far as rejuvenating the people of the city, that is up to us.
      We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to stop this trend in it’s tracks and turn it around.
      I won’t sit by and watch my city turn to crap without putting up a fight.

      • so, what can we do?

      • Then let’s do it! How many in our community would be interested in supporting these efforts?

        I have been researching some different options, I feel LaVergne needs more than individual’s addressing these issues alone at City Hall.

        A formation of a group to raise awareness with an action plan in addressing these issues are necessary to create change!

        We stand a greater chance of impact in our community by numbers, verses alone. I really don’t care to share all my ideas here, anyone interested in change?

        If we have even several interested, maybe we could set up a meeting place and time to discuss the needs of the community, or the other option is to sit back complain, watch crime escalate, continued foreclosure and property values decrease.

        It’s up to you LaVergne, let’s make a difference………………..

  7. To all who want change — get your name on the Mayor/Alderman Workshop agenda & tell them what is bothering you; ask them the questions that you want answers to; MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!! You have to have your name on the agenda by 10:00 the day of the workshop in order to speak — but you do not have to speak at the workshop if you do not want to — you can wait until the actual meeting on the following Tues. SO YOU ARE RECORDED ON VIDEO FOR ALL OF LA VERGNE TO SEE ON CHANNEL 3 when the meeting is run. They will not speak to you, answer any of your questions, etc., but YOU have 3 mins. to air your concerns. Each & everyone one of us can make a difference in this city if we are not afraid to speak up. Large numbers show results — it’s been proven before at these meetings. If no one speaks up, nothing gets resolved. Next workshop is July 2nd followed by the meeting on July 7th. Be there & speak up!

  8. Are you serious? I understand that it is not good to cover a sign because of the safety issues. But I know what shape and color a stop sign is, so it dosen’t take a genius to figure it out. Anyway would’t you rather have your police worry about bigger things. This is a waste of time. If you dont like it get out of your car and rip it down. Thats what I would do. Seriously though, that is a waste of complaining!!! The cops have real issues to deal with. I mean hmmm we have a call about a shooting and a call about some flyers on a stop sign, Which call should we take officer Joe? Come on!!!

    • B, it is against the law to cover traffic signs. Using your logic, I should not call 911 to report an empty house being vandalized because someone might have a more serious crime going on at that very moment.

      No one is saying call 911 about signs, but it is ok to call, LPD is not chasing murderes 24/7…

      • If it is not an immediate emergency, you call 793-7474 to report crimes… someone breaking into an empty house does not warrant a 911 call.

        The 911 system is overwhelmed everywhere by non-emergent calls.

      • Wow, I am, for what I think is only the second time in the history of TiLaV, in agreement with michaelinLV (just teasing yah. michaelinLV! ) but seriously, no one, especially not myself, is implying that 911 should be called to report traffic signs being covered by people’s yard sale signs.
        The point of that post was to say that if police are routinely patrolling the streets, why have they not noticed this issue and gone to the addresses posted on said signs, and requested the signs to be removed, or written fines for these violations? I’m sure that the city has some fine against that, and surely that money could be used toward fixing our police sub station’s door, which is still busted and looking quite raggedy, I must say.

        B – yes, LaVergne police have a lot of crime to keep their eyes on, but the point is, when a city looks as though no one cares about little things, those little things build up and build up and then all of a sudden, not only are people breaking small traffic sign laws and invading police sub stations with no consequences, but they are soon burglarizing your home and my home, again, with little consequence. It’s the old saying, ” Give ’em an inch, they’ll take a yard.”

        You would NEVER see s yard sale taped to stop signs in Brentwood, Mt.Juliet, Hendersonville, and probably not even in Smyrna. So why would we allow that tackiness here in our city?

      • Michael, I just think that they have better things they need to worry about. And like I said, if its against the law then jump out and take it down if you dont like it. I think it looks trashy too but its just not something to whine about. The cops could spend more time riding around looking for the trouble.

      • I understand where you are coming from B, but the job of the police is not to grade what laws are more important than others, there job is just to enforce the laws on the books. Judges are the ones who grade what crimes are worse than others.

        As far as just taking the sign down yourself, I used to do that with street signs because I didn’t want to hassle codes. But after talking to codes they told me that if I call them instead of taking them down myself, they will contact the people putting out the signs to notify them that it’s illegal. I have no enforcement powers, codes does.

        The reason I see this as important is because it reflects poorly on the city to be littered with crap everywhere. A crappy city = crappy property values. I don’t want that. If you don’t think things can get worse than they are right now, look at Clayton County GA (just outside of Atlanta) where some 4 bed 2 bath homes are selling for about $30k. Things could get worse than they currently are, I hope we don’t go down that path…

  9. Another question…and this isn’t a complaint. Whatever happened to the new shopping area that was supposed to go next the target in Smyrna? I think they were going to call it Shoppes of La Vergne?

  10. Mike Jenkins is doing a good job to clean up LF.
    I have contacted him on several occasions. If he doesn’t know about a problem he cannot get it resolved. Go to the city website and read the codes.
    It is against codes to post yard sale signs on poles!
    I have a corner lot and I have to weekly clean up the staples, push pin, nails that are left after yard sale signs on the utility pole in my yard! I agree people can
    get the wire signs to post yard sales. I have been asking people not to use the pole if I see them in my corner.
    I want our neighborhood to be the best place to live in Tennessee! We can be like East Nashville and make our neighborhood safe !

    • All too often in life, we hear the phrase “someone should do something about…” Well my friends, you are SOMEONE! Don’t approve of signs covering traffic control signs? Get out of your car and take them down..Don’t like neighbors trashy yards? Say something to them…if it’s a rental house, call the landlord and ask them to take action. Nothing will improve until action is taken.

      • I will say again that I disagree with that. If you take down signs yourself instead of notifying codes, the signs will come up again. You cannot fine someone for violating our sign ordinance. Codes can!

        And as far as the neighbors yards, I agree with you if it’s a rental as far as contacting the owners, but if it is a neighbor who you don’t know well, you don’t know how that neighbor is going to react. I would say get to know your neighbors so you can talk to them, but if you don’t know your neighbors, again, codes has the power of enforcement, we do not.

        I agree we should stop waiting for “someone” to do something. My only issue is that you should use the resources that are provided to all citizens (LPD, codes, etc). It’s akin to watering your lawn with a watering can when you have a sprinkler system installed. Sure, the watering can would work, but there’s a better way.

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