Miss Tennessee of Twirling from LaVergne

Pageant 2009 069It is with great delight that I write this – Rutherford County has THREE queens this year of baton twirling and two are from LaVergne!  This weekend, my daughter Melissa Tyson, her friend Erica King, and Jayden Deaver of Murfreesboro competed in Memphis for baton twirling titles.  The competition was tough, but all three won after a lot of hard work!

The pageant competition is comprised of five areas for the senior queens:  Talent, Modeling, Interview, Twirling – STRUT, and Twirling – Solo.  Both Melissa and Erica won Modeling, Interivew, and Twirl Solo, cinching the crown.  The junior queens competition didn’t have a Talent portion, but did perform their “parade” routine.

Pageant 2009 072

The official results:

Miss Tennessee of Baton – Erica King (LaVergne)
Junior Miss Tennessee of Baton – Melissa Tyson (LaVergne)
Majorette Doll – Selina King (Millington)
Little Miss Tennessee of Baton- Enga Donald (Memphis)
Tiny Miss Tennessee of Baton – Jayden Deaver

We would love to start a class back in LaVergne this year and are hoping our queens will be able to visit our local elementary schools to promote baton twirling as a sport that more children should become involved in.  It’s had such a positive impact on the lives of these girls and thousands more who are athletes in this sport!


4 Responses

  1. Kathy, how old do they have to be to start? I know you have that posted somewhere else, but I can’t recall right now. Also, do you take girls with sensory issues?


  2. I think TTI prefers kids to be in kindergarten, but I’ve seen kids a year younger than K start. There is one twirler who has some vision problems thanks to eye surgery … and others who have had medical concerns. So yes, I suppose sensory issues would be fine. I’ll email you Niki Davis’s contact information so you can speak with her in a way that’s not so public.

    We just have to get at least 6 to 10 girls to sign up to be able to have a class in LaVergne. So call your friends. And your relatives. The the friends of your friends and relatives! :)

  3. Thanks for the info Kathy. Unfortunately, Robin is only 2 1/2. So, maybe it was wishful thinking to get her involved this early. Her occupational therapist suggested we find activities to get her involved in to help her learn new sensations, new people, new experiences.


  4. Theresa – TTI may still be able to work with your daughter if Mom is present. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask!

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