I saw in the newspaper…

that TPTB  (the powers that be)  are seriously looking into widening Waldron Road?!?   It’s only needed it for 15+ years…

How can this city possibly get “places where we spend money within the city limits” without doing that?   I don’t know about you all, but I do not go into Antioch to spend my money… I go to Smyrna or Murfreesboro or Franklin.    Mt. Juliet will get my business before Antioch…

If any one wants to open a new “food venue”, Which Wich is Amazing!  Why did Hero’s lose their lease and no one else did?

Just my opinion…


4 Responses

  1. for about the past week, the heros building has had a new sign up already, something ‘kebabs’ i think it was.

  2. I’ve been watching as TDS buried their cable and today it looks like they are preparing to move the fence going North from Bridgestone Parkway.

    I was excited to see the article:


    And I’ve got to agree with the editorial as well:


  3. It’s sad to see Hero’s go. I was really looking forward to it. I love a good sandwich. I’ve said many times before, I wish Penn Station east coast subs would come here. There are only 2 in “Nashville” area, one in Belle Meade and one in Murfreesboro. Great subs…go try them!

    I’m soooo happy hear about Waldron Rd. I really really really wish and hope that it brings in more “real” retail (not dollar stores, laudromats, tabacco stores, you get the picture). I love seeing new things built in our city and changes being made. Next, let’s get this economy up and running and get our “Shoppes of Lavergne” started.

  4. Getting into La Vergne proper from the I-24 area is a pain at the best of times. The stoplights are annoying, people zoom past you on the right (you know you’ve done it!), and the whole stretch is generally annoying to drive. We tend to head down or up 24 for our needs.

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