Congratulations LaVergne! We Made a “Top” List!

CNN Money has picked the 25 most affordable places to live in the United States, saying

Residents who live in these 25 growing towns see their incomes go the furthest.

LaVergne?  NUMBER 18!

Congratulations to our little town.  Scroll through the 25 and see who the other affordable towns are. And congrats again!

HT Mark from Smyrna Bowling Center. Thanks for the heads up, bud!


23 Responses

  1. Is this an honor? It looks like we could leanr a lot from Duncanville Texas

  2. Real estate is affordable and THE CITY OFFERS A VARIETY OF SHOPPING AND DINING OPTIONS??????

  3. Well, the city doesn’t offer shit for shopping and dining, but luckily we have Smyrna and Nashville close by. Ha!

  4. What solid journalism!Whirlpool(layed off employees),Bridgestone?How many,700 or so employees gone and the rest are on their way.Ingram books has been dropping employees for the last year.Days on the market for actual residences for sale(not by the bank or mortgage companies)?

  5. I think “they” were looking at what used to be within our city limits… everything on our side on Sam Ridley…..

  6. I’d love to know who did the supposed “research” for this article. I’m familiar with several of the Indiana towns listed and forwarded the article to family members who live in those towns. Most of them said, “You’re kidding me, right?” (Kinda like my reaction to LaVergne making the list!)

  7. Well, in fairness to the article, it’s not totally wrong. The Title is “Residents who live in these 25 growing towns see their incomes go the furthest,” Based on “Where Homes are Affordable.”

    A 3,000 sq. ft home in La Vergne is less expensive than Smyrna, and even less expensive than Williamson County. So by virtue of paying less for an equivelent sizd property, the story is accurate. Now as for their description of La Vergne, I think it is a little bit embellished, but what would you have them say? “La Vergne, home to dying manufacturing, an out of control subdivision, and a city that watches new developements pop up surrounding their city but not int heir city.”

  8. Okay, michaelinLV, I’ll give you credit for that one. Personally, I think it should read ” . . . see their incomes go the furthest, assuming you still have a job.”

    I like your closing sentence too, but I guess that wouldn’t have been very appropriate for the article, huh? :)

  9. Is it also “good” for our town that “we” hold the state’s record for “most foreclosures”? I understand that that means more homes for sale, but what about the abandoned ones? Doesn’t all of this decrease our home values?

  10. Cricket, I hadn’t heard that. Is that most foreclosures overall, or per capita? I can’t imagine a city of 27,000 would have more total foreclosures than big cities like Nashville, Memphis, etc.

  11. I heard that last week also, and I want to say it was the highest percentage of foreclosures per capita. Something along the lines of “LaVergne is currently the hotbed of Tennessee foreclosures.” I can’t remember if it was The Tennessean, the DNJ or one of the TV stations, but I’ve searched and can’t find it now, dang it.

  12. When it comes to the Tennessean reporting anything correctly,I just think of Joe Biddle’s comments on Major League Baseball’s All Star Game=”many of the old great were there,___,___,____, and Curt Flood.Sorry Joe,Curt has been deceased since 1997.

  13. This is the closest article i could find. No mention of LV being top in the state:

  14. you people want to complain about Lavergne all the time but when something good comes out about La Vergne you bitch about it. gheezzz. Take the great Publicity while you can get it! Maybe the negativity about Lavergne is from it’s residents. I know there are some great folks in the area and some really good home deals but I would never move to the area because people like you. I wouldn’t want to have neighbors like you! I know this will cause a stir with some of you but stand back and look at what you are saying about your town. You want others to love your town and businesses to come there but why should they? Just my opinion! continue bitching.

  15. Andrew, people in general are our own biggest critics. Why do girls who weigh 110 pounds call themselves fat? The closer you are to a situation the more critical you are.

    Generally speaking, those of us who live here are going to critique our failings more than we highlight our accomplishments. I do not consider this board as a marketing campaign for the city, but more of a forum for La Vergne residents. I could be wrong, maybe we should address that? If you google La Vergne, this site comes up number 5. Maybe this site needs a disclaimer??

  16. Since not everyone is able to create a new post, I guess I will put this comment here.

    I tried the new Kebab Gyros that opened up by where the Heroes place used to be. It was great. They have everything that any other greek place has and then some. I noticed that you can get just about anything on your Gyro sandwich and you have the choice between fries or rice with the combo. They also sell chicken wings, chicken tenders and cheese sticks.
    I talked to the man that was working when I went in and he said that business has been really slow since he opened. If we want businesses to open and stay here, we have to support them. Go check it out. It’s good!

  17. Has anyone noticed how bad the halfway house looks? If we, the tax payers are paying for this shouldn’t it look a little nicer. Such an eye sore when you are getting off the interstate on Waldron Rd. Bad first impression!

    Not saying this because I want to complain, just want La Vergne to be the best they can be.

    • I keep hoping the darn thing will be condemned and torn down, but I’ve been waiting on that for 20 years now. I live on that side of I-24 and have to look at it almost every day. :( (And I know Cricket agrees with me!)

      Out of curiosity, what do you mean about the taxpayers paying for it? Am I missing something?

      • Speaking of tearing down, has anyone else noticed the Interstate front at Bell Road? They tore down the Days Inn (everything but the sign), and on either side of that you have an empty blue cracker barrell and the old Bill Heard commercial dealership. That is a HUGE swath of prime real estate sitting empty. If they aren’t having any luck filling that, I don’t see any way that LV will be able to tear down the halfway house to replace it with something else.

        BTW, people around here who are “in the know” seem to know that’s a halfway house, but I’ve never seen anything official regarding that. Anybody have any information?

  18. Regarding our lovely “halfway house,” check out  It has the same phone number as Driftwood, but get this:  the address for Driftwood is Waldron Road, while the address for Lifetime is Charter Place.  Nice way to attempt to disguise it.

    I seem to recall that because either state or federal funding is involved, there’s no easy way to get them out.  I really hate to take the attitude of “not in my backyard,” but I’d love to see the darn thing burn to the ground (but no, I don’t want anybody hurt).

    I’m sure Cricket will put be glad to in her two cents’ worth on this issue, too!!

    • Dang, I need more coffee.  The last sentence should read: I’m sure Cricket will be glad to put in her two cents’ worth on this issue, too!!

  19. I totally agree with Sherry!

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