Tax Free Weekend!

Just in case you haven’t already heard, don’t forget this is tax-free weekend when shopping for school supplies!  Items include clothing, back packs, supplies like paper, folders, scissors, notebooks, crayons, etc.

If you have the money available to spend, this is the wekeend to do it!

5 Responses

  1. It would really be nice if we knew the exact supplies the kids needed. During tax-free weekend a few years ago, I made the mistake of buying basic supplies before school started, only to find out that the teachers wanted completely different items instead.

  2. You can typically find the supply lists on the school website. I bought everything for my daughter and the teacher told me today that she prefers composition notebooks instead of spiral. It would have been nice to know this upfront. I don’t know if I will buy the preferred books or send the ones I already bought.

  3. I haven’t checked it lately, but the website used to say something along the lines of “teachers may add, subtract or change any items on this list” and I always seemed to have the wrong pens, folders or paper, etc.

    My daughter’s in high school now and most teachers are incredibly specific on what they want (such as a black, 2-inch, 3-ring binder . . . meaning they mark the kids off if the dang binder is 2-1/2 inches, white, or whatever). I just gave up and wait to get what they need, even if it means paying sales tax on it later!

  4. My daughter is in the 3rd grade so I guess its easier with her.

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