Dog Biscuits

dog snacksNot that it’s just about pets here, but my friend Fortune Cookies – one of our writers here – posted something on her facebook the other day about filling an order for Sunny Dog Snacks.   I’m hoping she’ll comment here to tell about this service, but if you’re looking for organic (?) snacks for your pooch, you might want to contact her.  Comment below and she’ll get back with you!



4 Responses

  1. I think my fur-baby just might need some organic cookies!

  2. I’ll be curious to know what both she and her dog think of them. I bought some several years ago, but can’t remember the brand. My lab took one sniff at them and looked at me as if to say, “You’re kidding me, right? You actually expect me to eat these?” He wouldn’t touch ’em. I ended up giving them to a neighbor and her dog wouldn’t eat them either. I think they wound up in the trash. :)

  3. Hey guys! Sorry it took me a while to get over her to comment on this! I’m being bombarded with Calculus and Statistics on top of a Sociology class that expects me to turn out 10 page papers every week! GAH!
    Anywhoolde… Yes, Organic Home Made Dog Treats.
    I call them Sunny Dog Snacks, and everyone who’s tried them has LOVED them! The Wifester’s boss got some for her two dogs, then as she was nearing the last few, she decided to make them last a bit longer by giving them their old Milk Bones treats that they used to eat before my treats came along. When they lined up for their evening treat and she gave the Milk Bones, both pooches spit them out and came back looking for Sunny Dog Snacks!
    You can check out my web site,
    The Sunny Dog Store
    and if you’d like an order, I am filling them at Buy One Get One Free for anyone using the coupon code BOGO. Just enter the coupon code on the check out screen.

    Treats we have include Bacon, Spinach and Herb Surprise, that’s Sunny Dog’s favorite!
    We also make an all veggie treat, carob chip cookies because even pups should get to indulge in a chocolaty goodness every now and then and they don’t know it’s not chocolate! and a Turkey and veggie treat.
    We use all organic, natural ingredients because our own Sunny Dog has allergies to preservatives and numerous food proteins. In order to get her itchy skin condition under control, I began making her food and her treats myself. She has trimmed down, gained a ton of energy, and stopped losing hair and having hot spots. The turn around has been remarkable. I had to really adjust the herbs and work with the recipes a bit to perfect it to something that Sunny Dog wouldn’t snub her nose at. She is a bit of a picky eater. But so far, no pooch that has been presented with these snacks has turned them down. My friend brings her chihuahua over with her and now, when she comes into my house, Cha-Cha goes straight to the fridge and sits there waiting for her treat!
    Check out the site and let me know if you would like an order. Remember, use the BOGO coupon code. But hurry, it is only in effect until 09/01/2009, and remember: wag more, bark less!

  4. One of my workfriends sold some homemade doggie biscuits – my dogs LOVED them. Unfortunatly, I didn’t know to keep them frozen so a lot of them mildewed. :(

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