Recommended Viewing: Gangland

Reader Sherry submitted this information to share:

I happened to stumble across a show tonight on the History Channel about gangs in Nashville.  It’s called “Gangland: Hunt and Kill.”  I’ve seen episodes of the series before, but didn’t realize they’d filmed one here locally.  We all know there are gang issues in Nashville, but this show traces their origins in the late 80’s and current day activities, and goes into an incredible amount of detail.  The show features current gang members as well as former members turned police informants.  It focuses almost exclusively on Hispanic gangs in the South Nashville/Antioch areas and was quite eye-opening, to say the least.  There really isn’t any mention of gang activity in Rutherford County, other than the fact that the Nissan plant and surrounding construction brought in a huge influx of workers.

The next airing is this Saturday (August 22nd) at 5:00 p.m.  As much as we’ve blogged about gang activity on this site, I would highly recommend watching it, since the gang problems appear to be moving our way.

Thank you!


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  1. Does anyone know if this will air again? Sherry, did you happen to DVR it?

    • No DVR here . . . we’re pretty old-school, but I’ll see if I can find the next broadcast date for ya. I’m sure it’ll be repeated soon. It’s a new episide – filmed in either late 2008 or early 2009.

  2. It’s the History channel… it will air again like everything else.

    I saw a History channel “documentary just a couple of weeks ago that was taped back in 02 or 03. It was ranking the greatest threats to human life and still listed global warming as number 1. Global warming, as we were enjoying the coolest July on record. Talk about poor timing!

  3. I watched that!!!! It scared the crap out of me! There was an episode on last night about the Tango Blast based in Houston, TX. Then a show called Marked came on afterwards, talking about tattoos that earned in prison to show what group they are affiliated with, and how they have a story behind the tattoos. It’s seems like it a totally different world.

    Here’s a schedule from

    • Thanks for the link, Jennifer. I had checked the local TV schedule and the episode wasn’t listed. Never dawned on me to go directly to the History Channel website itself. I may try and catch it again, since I missed the first part of it before. You’re right – it’s scary stuff!

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