Survey: Police Substation

A friend of mine told me the city has a new survey up on the web page

Do you think the Police Substation in Lake Forest has been a positive thing for the community?

I only wish there was a comment section.


11 Responses

  1. As of this morning, 50% say yes, most of the rest are undecided. I don’t live in LFE and the lack of the aforementioned police blotter makes it almost impossible to keep up with actual crime stats.

    I will say that occassionally I will drive through LFE, maybe about once a month just to see what’s going on. I cannot tell you the last time I saw a police car, and I always wonder why…

  2. I would say it has to be a positive,just as the police driving through a subdivision such as Madison Square is a possible deterrent.

  3. But it’s not manned! Where are the police?

  4. I live in the extended LFE area (by Clayton Homes, off Sandhill) and I will say I’ve seen a police car sitting at that entrance of the subdivision about 3 of the last 5 evenings I’ve returned home.
    Other than that I’m not certain, as I haven’t really driven around the other side of the subdivision to look and see.

    We did notice that it takes them about 3 minutes to show up after they are called (a house down the street from me recently had gunshots fired and the police showed up about 3 minutes after we heard the shots).

    I agree – I wish there was a comments section.
    I’d like to know how many police are involved in the Substation. I’d think a subdivision with 3,100+ homes calls for more than just 3 police officers .

  5. I live on Holland Ridge Drive and I see police presence on that street on a daily basis. It is definitely needed because people speed through there like it is
    the interstate.

  6. I live close enough to see the substation and am a stay at home parent. We hadly see anyone at the substation for more than minutes at a time. The lights are generally off inside and no one answers the door. They have a phone outside, but I have a cell. We were promised a police presents at the building, but we see little if ANY more that what one would expect without that costly building just sitting. What was the City thinking – that a building and a parked car is a police presents? Could they not used the money spent to buy other items need by the department?

  7. Sorry if this is a duplicate I did not see my post. — I am a stay at home partent that lives in sight of the substation. In the rare case that we see an officer they are only present for minutes. We rarely see a police presents at the building more than one would expect without the building. The lights inside the building are rarely on and no one answers the door. Its nice that they have a phone outside but, I have a phone. (We have went over various times. I wanted to take my kids over.) I guess the City considers the building a a parked car a police presents. Could they not have used the money spent on the building for other things that the Police need? Honestly, I think the park with the basket ball goes would have gotten more use and probably would have cost less. I know my kids would have enjoyed.

  8. Sorry Cloudy… your comment was caught in the area for moderator approval. Next time you post, it will *hopefully* go right through.

  9. Has anyone stopped at the sub station. I have stopped by about 4 times in the past couple pof weeks. There has been at least one officer there each time. I spoke with the officers that are assigned to the Substation. They drive unmarked cars and are there daily. they showed me their office and explained their schedule. they are expected to be on the road and not hanging out at the station.
    They are always there at the beginning of their shift and several times durring.

  10. Thanks for the update Buckley. I understand officers “not hanging around” at the substation. But at the same time, if it’s not staffed, what’s the point? Why wouldn’t you just have officers based out of HQ assigned to patrol LFE?

  11. I agree, Michael — What kind of deterrent is an empty building? They can answer a call from “On the Run” almost as quickly!

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