Not Meaning for this to be a Commercial

Just skip over this post if you want, but I wanted to write about two people I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with.  File this under future resources, maybe?   For the sake of disclosure, neither of these people asked me or are expecting me to say anything about them online.

BUT… I recently experienced a problem with one of my sellers.  He dropped a TV while moving out onto his hardwood floor and not only was the TV ruined, but the floor had gigantic dings in it.  My broker here at Bob Parks Realty – Smyrna referred me to JJ’s Hardwood Floors (operated by Jeremy Jones) to make the repair.   He came on very short notice (we were scheduled to close in two days), looked at the problem pretty hard and said, “I can take care of this.”  Jeremy was able to fix the floor in less than 15 minutes.  In my opinion, he deserves a lot of credit for “saving the sale.”  If you ever need a hardwood flooring person, call JJ’s Hardwood Floors at (615) 456-4601 or (615) 907-5792.

Another friend of mine has started her own housecleaning service.  She charged $145 for a four-bedroom apartment, $130 for a 2-bedroom, and will give you an estimate on new construction and rental houses.  I think her focus is cleaning to get ready for a new owner or tenant, but I’m sure she’d think about regular residential work as well.  Blair Jordahl can be reached at 904-4909.  She’s a hard worker who’s never been defeated by a mere dust bunny or an angry bathtub stain!

Stay tuned…. zombie information coming soon!


2 Responses

  1. Wow, it never occured to me that it was possible to repair the gigantic ding left in a wooden floor after dropping something heavy on it!
    Well, now that I think about it, I guess the only solutions are to replace the offending board, or, fill it in with flooring bondo haha.

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