Plane Crashes on LaVergne/Smyrna Border

Not to stray too far from the pig conversation, did you hear about the plane crash yesterday?  I had spent all day at a friend’s home so was none the wiser until a friend told me there was an airplane crash near my house.  Fortunately, only minor injuries were reported.  Also fortunate was that my mother-in-law didn’t hear about it until everyone got home because she would’ve panicked.

Here’s the story in the Daily News Journal as reported by the always prolific Mealand.

Airport officials said Tracy Haun, believed to be in his 30s, was taking his first flight on a replica of a de Haviland Tiger Moth, which debuted in the 1930s. The crash occurred around 1:30 p.m. in a wooded area about a mile north of Runway 32 near the Smyrna/La Vergne border.

Glad to hear no one was hurt badly.

One Response

  1. The poor guy spent years building it, then, on the very first flight, it couldn’t make it over the trees, and crashed.

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