LaVergne loses lawsuit

I submit this link (and all the comments at the DNJ) for your information.

Former workers awarded $650K

“The government needs to step in and clean this up,” she said. “I’m just glad this is over. I hope La Vergne learns from this incident. Civil rights were put in place in 1964, and they need to stop living in the 1950s and come on up to 2009. The people in the city need to learn the laws before they can practice law.”


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  1. Great, more Frivolous lawsuits draining more money from the city’s shriveling budget in order to pay off people who claim to be damaged.

    Personally, if any reward the “victims” should get a year’s salary. 300 thousand dollars is beyond ridiculous for words exchanged in an office, or simple retaliation.

    Yes, I’ve been a victim of retaliation, I’ve been fired, called everything under the sun; you know what I did? Held my head high, knew I deserved better, moved on and got a job making more money than my old worthless boss did.

    Everyone’s looking for a handout these days.

  2. D: I myself thinks the city needs to wake up and relize that there is a problem with some management and supervisors. I for one want to say so much that I have done research on but wont until one of my family members retire in 10 months. My one good friend that works at the city knows everything that is going on and she has been working to try to fix this problem. This friend of mine really should call me and we can talk. Wake up city officals and take care of the harrassing problems and the non policy abidding employees. If there is a policy in place then go by that and dont change it everyday because you want to change it up! I have been told before to keep my mouth shut by sosme at the city hall because they dont want things to be known but I have had enough of this treatment of my family member. Dont get me stated because I will say what I know!!!

  3. My only question is who are all these city employees? What goes on in La Vergne that requires employees outside the hours of 9-5?? We have police, administrative staff, Water/Sewer (although hasn’t that been outsourced?), who am I missing?

    Maybe we should start training some of these folks as Codes Officers, that would solve a couple of problems…

  4. It’s not a handout. It’s trying to receive something to compensate for illegal activity that the City wont’ stop. If the folks who felt wronged went through proper protocol to resolve the situation, and it WASN’T resolved, they have every right to sue.

  5. Glad we’re not the only ones being run over by the city. We are having a tough time right now because of illegal activity from city. Will fill you in later.

  6. KC,
    Is this something I can try and help you with? I too am very tired of the way the city is/has been run. No, I do not have all the answers, heck, sometimes I can not find one good answer, but I will keep digging and will continue trying to serve the citizens to the very best of my ability. My home phone is 793-2469 if you would like to talk to me. My email is This is my personal email and you may certainly use KC if you do not wish to reveal your identity at this time. I do not want to see anyone mistreated for any reason.

  7. Has everyone seen the releate comments on the DNJ’s site.

  8. Dear Alderman, There are several employees that feel that its a hostile working enviorment. Most of us are just afrade of retalation due to things that have happened and are still happening. I work for the city witin one of the largest departments. In this department alone the head has a very good friend that only gets a slap on the hand if he does something wonge. I am the supervisor over two indiualy that fall into the group because they have ties to deptartment management. These is just nothing that I can do. I don’t feel that I can go to anyone because it always gets back (even without a specfic name). Employess are stupid they can easially figure out who made the complaint. I am sorry to say anything negitive this use to be a great place but its just getting worse. Its gotten so bad that one other supervisor feels they can do whatever they would like to include calling her employees into a closed office and cussing at them about were they maybe even a small mistake. -Sadden

    • Thank you for writing on this blog to inform me. I can not help any employee if I do not know what is going on. Know that my door is always open and I DO NOT tell who informs me. Always use my personal email or call me on my home 793-2469. I do care about the city employees. Let me try to help.

      • I too have witnessed similar events. There are several of us afraid to approach even you. We do appreciate your help…it seems as if you are trying, but are blocked by the other members of the board. Many of us are nervous of speaking out. We have be told that we can not speak, but through our chain of command. We are afraid to go to you or HR for fear of reprimanded. We have been told that we are not allowed to go across the street to City Hall. We have no were to go. Some have already been reprimanded by the Lt. and Caption for not coming to them with the issue and making comment to the Chief who I guess attempts to address the issue. Unfortunately, it just gets us pulled into an office, spoken down, and even threatened for not coming to them first. [Sadly many of us don’t feel we can speak with them.] I love my job, but something has to change. Please help us… -ReservedToSpeak

  9. Seriously people.

    That last one was a hard read. Somebody at the city is obviously not checking up on whether or not people have ever been to elementary school. Apparently they are someone’s nephew or niece or something.

    When guys start to not work and tear up equipment, they should be been fired. People should not be allowed to stay around six months and tape record everyone and fabricate a case. If someone has joined the minions of the rabble rousers, this person will probably sue anyway.

    Johnny James should probably sue some individuals for slander and defamation. He’s apparently had several unsubstantiated and unproven things (lies) told about him in court, according to the DNJ. These lies could even hurt him in the eyes of his employer if they felt they were actually true. I would pursue it to the fullest extent.

  10. People need to wake up and smell the sour smell of the City Administrator and H.R. Those are the people that needs to be replaced. It seems to me that they are the ones that enforce the rules and change them at their own disgression. It doesn’t seem to change even when you go to the board. We elect our officials to know and be aware of problems, especially within its own administration. As a taxpayer of this city, I am tired of paying out monies for lawsuits that could be avoided. Please look at the top.

  11. Carton,

    I know that Senna has tried to do things but others lookat her and say nothing is wrong. There are supervisors that change policy as well. Not saying all is bad there but there are a few bad apples that need to weeded out. Senna is for the people and I think she is the only one on the board that is for the people. The problems are there but they wont wake up to see them or take care of them. I think its time for the state to come in and audit a dept or two and then the people need to vote different next time. I know next yr is election yr ffor some so lets start now by getting thw word out and telling those we need a change with the city of LaVergne!

  12. Bearroller9640,

    Let me first start out by asking Do you live in La Vergne
    No you dont so why not worry about your own back yard ….is there not a This is Smyrna that you can go and post your comments and leave us that work and live in La Vergne alone. I know that you have stated that you have family members and friends that work for the city so when you post your comments about us you are getting one side of the story. and since you are not there for 40 hours a week as we are you have no idea what really goes on . My only advice to you is if you dont have both sides to the story dont go bashing someone you know nothing about.
    When this person that you speak of leaves the City it may be wise of you before you start posting comments about the City and their employees make sure that he/she has a flawless work history and has never made any mistakes and has only had kind things to say about the people that they worked with, for there are times when things can come back and bite one in the backside,

    May you all have a heavenly weekend and hope to see all those that are pround to be here in La Vergne at Old Timers Day on 9/19

  13. I never bashed anyone on this site about this topic. If I offended anyone I am truley sorry and I know there is alot of great people that work at the city and I have stated this before. I have lived in LaVergne and visit the city hall from time to time to see the great people that work there.

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