Happy Labor Day …

For those of you working today, thank you.   I hope everyone has a safe, happy Labor Day!


2 Responses

  1. You too!

    Kathy I sent you an email to your personal comcast account regarding the bulletin board.

  2. Per the new button at the top of the page labeled ‘FORUM’. I’ve created with the blessing of Kathy a BBS style forum for people to post messages of all kinds for discussion, be it concerns or announcements or what have you.

    Registration is required but I ask very little information for you to register; like the blog we never share your email address and it is never published. We ask only a nickname, an email address, and for you to specify a password. You choose to share any details beyond that.

    I run this forum myself, with my own funds and on my own time, the city doesn’t assist me nor the county, so if you have some private thoughts regarding the city or the county feel free to share, but please be mindful of DEFAMATION. It is a legal trap for -everyone-. That really does go for here and for everywhere else. Honesty is the best policy folks and it keeps you out of trouble.

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