LHS Grounds Spruced Up

GUEST POST BY:  Doug Shafer, County Commissioner

School board member Wayne Blair and I got together to discuss needs at LaVergne High School.  The first item was the large ditch that runs from the Smyrna city limits behind the softball field across the campus to Chaney Road, and up Chaney Road beside the parking lot.  We were able to coordinate many agencies to work together, to clean up and make the ditch safe and presentable.  Mike Williams and the Rutherford County Highway Department mowed as much as possible. Alan Miller with volunteer inmates from the Rutherford Correctional Work Center (low risk, minimal security inmates) to pick up, to remove, weed eat, and generally get most item sout ofthe ditch.  There was much construction debris including a set of wooden bleachers.  Mayor Ronnie Erwin andthe city of LaVergne allowed Guy Patterson and LaVergne Public Works to assist in the removal of the debris.

Next the Correctional Work Center and LaVergne Public Works tackled “The Hill.”  It was hard to see the concrete LHS because of the growth of brush, weeds, and scrub trees.  The Correctional Work Center crew even came out on Saturday to finish clearing the brush off “the Hill.”

Gary Clardy, director of Engineerng andMaintenance for the Rutherford County School System, has provided paint for the LHS concrete slabs.  Ms. Robinson and Ms. Jackson, sponsors of the LaVergne Key Club and student members painted the LHS on the afternoon of September 3rd.

What’s phenomenal is that three Rutherford County agencies – the city of LaVergne, inmates (many who have children in our schools), teachers, and students – are working together to beautify and instill more pride in our high school.


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  1. Now if they would just finish the sidewalk that ends where La Vergne city limits (and school property) begins, it would look even nicer.

    I’ve always thought the concrete LHS was ugly, I would like to see it replaced with shrubs in the shape of LHS. However, I’m sure many alumni of the school (of which I am not one) would disagree.

    It’s always nice to hear from a county commissioner, however, Carol Cook is the representative for that part of LV. I’ve never received anything from her nor heard anything she has done, either positive or negative.

    • Actually, the “LHS” was originally stones placed in the shape of the letters and it was impressive… it was like, “LHS” wha-bam!!!! But they kept getting swapped around to spell other words… so the stones were replaced by concrete…

    • michael, if I may I would like to give you a little history about Ms. Cook. Starting around 1994-95, my husband and I became active with Ms. Cook fighting against the year-round mutlitracking system. This system was to kept from building new schools and had no educational advantages.We(there were several of us) all spent hours upon hours fighting to get new schools in our area and she was the ringleader. Cedar Grove, LaVergne Lake, LaVergne Middle, Rock Springs, Remodling of Roy Waldron, and the new addition to LHS. This is just a small list off the top of my head. At one point the roof at LHS was leaking badly and she fought hard to get it fixed. I even had channel 2(I think it was 2) at my home looking at photos that were taken of all the damage. I know you have not lived here as long as I have and I just wanted you to know that she has been very active as our commissioner. As you and I well know, there is not one elected official that has done everything totally right in everyone’s eye and has pleased everyone, but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due.

      • I decided to find this old thread just in case someone else digs this up in 20 years.

        It seems I owe an apology to Carol Cook, because as it turns out she has never been my county commissioner. Over the past few weeks I have been solicited by District 10 candidates Anthony Johnson, Tony Campbell, and Brad Turner. I even had Tony Campbell knock on my door to ask for my vote, and I told him that I didn’t beleive I was in his district. Well, I was wrong! On my ballot yesterday, sure enough there are the district 10 candidates. So Carol Cook, please accept my apologies. And Brad Turner, I supported you and you won, so I will be expecting you to not forget that you do actually represent a small sliver of La Vergne!

        As an aside, I had to cancel my first ballot yesterday because the election commission had voting on Smyrna candidates. So I’m represented by a Smyrna commissioner, the election commission wants me to vote for Smyrna candidates… Do I actually live in La Vergne?

  2. My sons and husband actually were a part of placing the stones on the hill. I always thought that it was nice, but over the years it was not kept up and cleaned around as it should have been. It saddens me to see how the grounds as a whole have not been keep as clean and nice, and all around our football and baseball fields it is a mess. I rode thru the other day and trash was all around the the dumpster area. The landscape around the flags were a mess. No, I do not have any more children at LHS, but all my children went to LHS from the beginning until 2007 and it will always be a very special part of my family’s life. I remember when the kids would met on Saturdays to clean the campus, but that stopped just a very short few years ago!!!! I would think that the school’s principal would be a “little “more concerned!! I also think that the School Board Members need to “encourage” him a little more as well. Thank you Commissioner Shafer for trying to get things rolling. I know the love your wife has for this school and the love she has for our children. Jenae was blessed to have her as a teacher and I must say that Many. Many teachers touched my daughter’s life while at LHS and for that I am grateful.

  3. Thank you for the background on Carol Cook. The only interaction I’ve ever had with her was I called her office to register that I was opposed to the location of the bible park in murfreesboro (I don’t think anyone buying a home in a residential area should have to worry about their residential area being rezoned to incorporate a theme park). She never called or responded to me and she voted for the park, so I guess that just left a sour taste in my mounth.

    As far as schools, I think her and Doug Schafer should have pushed harder to have a High School included at the LMS complex. Last time I checked, a new high school is planned for Smyrna (Stewarts Creek area). That means Smyrna, a city of 35,000+ will have 2 high schools. La Vergne, a city of 27,000+ will have 1 high school. I understand being in the corner of North Rutherford county would limit the area served by a new high school, but I tihnk a new school would provide a more community feel for LFE.

    • You are on the money!!!!!!! I was totally opposed to the Bible park being near a residental area. I am sorry that you did not get to voice your opinion to your commissioner. I too have gotten mad when elected officials did not respond back to me. Heck, I have been accused of not responding to email. I don’t think I have ever ignored anyone with a problem. My problem is I get so much going that sometimes I am forgetful, but I ALWAYS want to hear people’s opinions on big decisions or any decision that effects this city.
      When the land was purchased for the new complex in LaVergne, we WERE to get a high school, but supposely the contractor put the midldle school in the wrong place!!!!! Yea right!!! They said we do not have room for a high school on that property. Only in LaVergne.

      • What about that corner of Fergus & Murf Road…. It has been sitting there untouched since the mobile homes moved out….What a great location for a High School….

        From what I can tell from the aerial maps on mapquest… and the property assessor website which by the way tells the owner’s name…(I wont say it)… that land is vacant all the way back to the Heritage park and is about 50 acres if you include the 2 small parcels right directly on the corner where the mobile home sales office was…

        LHS sits on 53 acres right now and alot of exterior areas seem to be wasted space. This location I am dreaming about could service all of the East LaVergne area and let LHS take care of the area West of Old Nashville Highway…. Not to mention…what a beautiful sight to see on our main road into town!!

        I’m just sayin…..

  4. oh…just so you know…. I LOVE LHS… one daughter graduated last year and I have a Freshman there right now…. We actually moved to LaVergne to have our kids go to LHS…so please dont think I am hatin on LHS… But I also have 1 at LLE and a 4 year old, so I am looking to improve the City of LaVergne long term…

  5. LV2LV, I love that idea, but if I were guessing the cost of the property would be an issue with the school board. Don’t know? Maybe you could pass this idea onto your commissioner. I will also. I have heard that the reason another high school in LaVergne is not on the drawing board becasue we are only serving the LaVergne area, whereas the other high school locations serves much larger areas. They forget to look at our numbers. I am sorry I have not heard what our numbers are this year. Thank you for wanting to stay and help LaVergne. I LOVE this place and it takes all of us working together to improve our city. I too will always love LHS!!!!

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