9-11 … Where Were You?

911lightmemorialCan you believe tomorrow it will have been eight years?  Everyone remembers that day … even my daughter who was six years old at the time.  They didn’t tell them at her school – just dismissed early and then the parents told their children.

I couldn’t tell my kids, though.  I was working at a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was a grim day as we watched the state treasurer of New York learn that 32 of his employees were lost.  My colleagues and I drove back home – stopping at the Alfred Murrah Federal Building Memorial in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the way.  The weirdest was going through Texas and seeing one lone military plane in the sky.  I collected newspapers at every stop and still have them all.

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

Photo by NJ Scott via Flickr Creative Commons.


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  1. Kathy, Thank you for remembering 9/11. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the ISS room at Cedar Grove. My room of children and I were like zoombies. All I wanted to do was get to my husband and children, get to our home and lock the doors. I really don’t know how that was going to help but at the time it just seemed right. My husband had just got off from the firehall that morning and he was at home watching the TV, and he said that several times he had started to the school to get us. I will never forget the towers falling and the totals of fallen firefighters started to come in as well as the other victims. Each of us had someone that day that we could relate to, but of course, for me it was the firefighters. For months after that day, when it was time for Ronnie to go to the firehall my stomach would hurt until he returned home safe. I have always been around the firefighting scene(my daddy, My granddaddy, my husband and son) and yes I worried about the dangers that came with this job, but I never really sat around and thought about all those dangers. After 9/11, it was not the fire that I was so afraid of, it was the TERRORIST!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THAT SERVE THIS GREAT COUNTRY!!!!

  2. Amen, Senna!

  3. I had just moved to Nashville a couple of weeks prior to 9/11. Already I was ina new place and far away from my family and this happens. It was a scary situation not knowing what else was going to happen. I remember I was in college and everyone was talking about what they thought they heard, no one knew it was a terrorist attack at first. What a terible day…

  4. I was sitting in my women’s class during my senior year of college at UK (GO CATS!!!). Very surreal on what was going on. The class didn’t start until 9 so, we were discussing that it was a small plane that accidentally flew into the tower. Then we got on the subject of stereotyping of what if it wasn’t an accident, who would have done this. When we found out the second tower was hit. We stopped class and went into another room to watch. It was horrific to see those towers fall. I remember there being a very somber feeling around campus that day but, also a since of unity and pride of WE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!!!! Later that day, thousands of students gathered in a general area, held hands and had a moment of silence and prayer. I clearly remember looking up at one of the buildings and seeing someone place a self-made American flag out of paper in the window.

  5. I was unpacking my boxes in my new home that I had purchased on September 7th.

    My new neighbor came running over and asked me if I had hooked up my TV yet. I was like uh no and then I was thinking what kind of place have I moved into? ha!

    But she helped me get my TV set up and when I sat down in my chair and turned on the TV the second plane had just hit the tower moments before.

    I as the rest of America will never forget that dreadful day in American history.

    Go troops!!!!!! Thank you for our freedom in the great United States of America and thank you for all you do everyday to keep us safe here in the United States of America.

    PROUD to be an American.

  6. At the time this started we were living in LV, I homeschooled my kids and we were having PE at the park… My husband, an airline employee called me just as I began seeing planes being forced by the Air Force jets to land at the nearby airport….. Of course, even at that time the airlines had no idea what was really going on….Nobody did.

    I raced home set the kids up to do some work & turned on the TV just in time to see the 2nd tower fall. Several thoughts went thru my head… but the most memorable was “OH MY…Not again!!”. You see, this was something significant to me right at that moment. I had a 2 week old and had already been praying for “world peace” so to speak…. Let me explain why…

    when daughter #1 was born 1/91… Operation Desert Storm was launched when she was 2 weeks old.

    when daughter #2 was born 1/95… Oklahoma City Bombing happened in April/95 (I thought we were good…made it well past the 2 week mark)

    So when daughter #3 was born 8/2001 I began praying immediately fully unaware of anything that might happen and well we all know about 9/11/2001. So many lives were changed FOREVER….

    Needless to say when I was surprised with #4 (my son) in 2004….I was completely prepared, so I thought…and then the huge Tsunami hit in Dec….

    Well needless to say….NO MORE BABIES!!!
    (And I wonder why I am so bad at Bejeweled on Facebook…)

  7. I was smack dab in the middle. I lived at the time in Ewing NJ. I got up for work that morning and was informed by my wife that we needed milk, so I ran to the convenience store around the corner. as I was walking to the back of the store I remember hearing a breaking news alert. They announced that a plane had just hit the WTC. I rushed home to tell my wife and neighbors. We then sat and watched the 2nd bldg get struck, but I had to get to work. I remember driving down I295 when they announced that a plane had just hit the pentagon. At that point I called my boss to tell him I was going home. Terrorists had just obviously struck north and south of me and I was going home to be with my family. Before I could tell him, he told me to go home. I still remember that drive home. The fear that I would never see my family again. My eyes were on the skies more then the road, waiting for a plane to come down on top of me. Our country was under attack.
    As the days rolled on I heard stories of friends and relatives who were supposed to be in the bldgs that day, but were late, sick, or just took the day off. I know probably 15-20 people who were supposed to be the WTC complex that day and believe it or not..not one had a scratch. However, a guy I had just met that summer playing church softball was on flight 93…Todd Beamer.

  8. I remember like it was yesterday. I was working in Nashville when a co-worker came running down the hall. She grabbed my arm and said she had to find a TV – that a plane had crashed into the WTC. We found a TV and soon a large group of us were gathered watching the unbelievable events. There was an announcement that there would be a prayer circle in front of the office building and we stood holding hands, tears flowing, not knowing what would happen next. I heard a plane went down in Pennsylvania and was unable to contact my little sister who lives near Pittsburgh but was finally able to talk to her. I called my parents to let them know that I loved them. I lived in on the fourth floor of an apartment building in Antioch and remember standing out on the balcony that night, looking at the sky, and not seeing the lights from a single plane because they had all been grounded. I know the word surreal was used a lot to describe that day but it was surreal.

  9. I was at home, in Sacramento, asleep in the bed when I was awakened by my then girlfriend saying “You better come see this”… as I approached the TV, I saw the second plane hit adn my knees buckled. I think I stopped breathing for just a moment. I was over 3000 miles away, but I was right there, just as everyone was, in spirit, wishing desperately that there were something, anything I could do to help those poor people inside.
    I remember crying and thinking, why? How? Who?
    I remember thinking there’s gonna be more attacks…this isn’t over, it’s just the beginning….
    I stayed glued to the TV that day, except for later in the afternoon on my drive to work. Once I got there, the TV was on CNN and we stayed in front of it the whole evening. I’m not sure how much work really got done. We were just in shock.
    One of the nurses I worked with who was off that day called us up and said, “you guys, my dad works in the South Tower, I can’t get in touch with him…please pray for him, please pray!”
    She never did get in touch with her dad.

    I still get chills thinking about the days that followed, all the people holding up signs, posters of their loved one’s faces, asking for help finding them. And her face, day after day as she awaited the inevitable realization that her dad, who’s only mistake that day was going to work on time, would never be found alive.

  10. I was at work (Federal Govt).I was thinking about how many FBI agents were probably throwing paper wads at each other when the events occured.Talk about ineptitude personified.I was also wondering what a real President like Harry Truman would do in that situation.Eight years later and still no mushroom clouds over Saudi Arabia.

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