Ghost Gnats

Do you remember a year or so ago that we wrote about the evil giant mosquitos (aka crane flies)?  Guess what’s bugging me now?


Have you seen those little white gnats flying around everywhere?  They freak me out.   A free guest post on This is LaVergne to the first person who can tell me what they are!!


6 Responses

  1. No answers yet? I’d like to know what they are as well — have them flying at my house — weird looking little creatures!

  2. they were flying around the park last night. kinda of different looking

  3. I think they are wooly aphids – also known as angel flies. See link below:

  4. We have them here in Mt. Juliet too. Maybe it’s an aphid?

  5. I walked past an older gentleman in the Hardee’s parking lot this morning and he said “it’s snowing!!” I thought it might be ashes from a nearby brush/trash fire. I am just glad I am not the only one bugged (pun intended) by them!


  6. So if either blah blah or Phil want to write a guest post here on This is LaVergne, let me know! Thanks for the “angel flies” update… that’s much nicer terminology than ghost gnats!

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