Open Thread Friday!

It’s been a while my friends!  Let’s open the floor for what’s on your mind LaVergne!  I’m thinking Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes are to-die-for …  I’m also thinking this may be a good time to open my membership in Curves!  What are you thinking about today?


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  1. 1. We now have two Redbox’s at Walgreens!
    2. Has anyone else noticed all the garbage along Nir Shreibman and Stones River Rd? I think we should put some inmates to work on that. I’ve seen them cleanup in other areas around town. Why not those as well?
    3. Has the Waldron Rd widening come to a halt again? Supposedly it was suppose to be let in August, but I haven’t even seen any activity on relocating the power pole line, so it has me wondering….
    4. There are fire ants everywhere! I keep treating mine, but I guess it’s a lost cause…
    5. My wife has been looking into curves, but unfortunately the La Vergne Curves doesn’t open until 8am, so she’s been looking at Smyrna instead.

  2. I’m thinking it’s a great day because we’ve gained two clients in one day :)

  3. Neighborhood-wide garage sale in the Cedar Grove subdivision tomorrow. We are the subdivision directly across from LHS and right behind CGES. Tthere will be a bunch of good stuff, 7 AM to Noon. Come on out!

  4. Reply to Snowman:

    1. I haven’t used a Redbox yet; the lines are always too long.
    2. Haven’t noticed the trash, but then again I’m not on that part of the city often
    3. The way I deal with this is ignore the news. I’m putting a note in my will for my son (18 months) to put a note on my grave when widening begins in the year 2090.
    4. I too have noticed ants everywhere around middle tennesee. Maybe it’s seasonal?
    5. La Vergne loses another battle to Smyrna. Anyone Surprised?

    • Michael,
      The key with redbox (which nobody seems to understand) is that you can go online and reserve the movies at a specific machine. Then all you have to do is swipe your card and pick them up. Every time I do that somebody asks how I did it.

      I agree it is frustrating when the line is 5 deep and the person at the machine can’t decide what 3rd movie they want to rent while texting with their friends. I’m surprised they haven’t added machines at the two McDonald’s, since they have at many of the others.

      On the Smyrna/La Vergne front, even the La Vergne Kroger isn’t as good as the Sam Ridley store, but I try to go to ours whenever possible. It burns me when I get to fund wider streets, curb & gutter, sidewalks and trails in Smyrna rather than La Vergne, but the retail selection makes it difficult. Every time I drive through LFE it amazes me how much retail La Vergne has compared to the endless residential area.

      On a lighter note, the rain has mostly stopped, and next week looks Sunny with a high of 75!

  5. I had a short e-mail exchange with the folks over at Channel 3 a few weeks ago, and they are working on getting the equipment setup and tested to place the programs from Channel 3 on the city website. I’m looking forward to being able to see the programs and meetings, since I don’t have either Comcast or AT&T cable.

  6. Doh, I missed the wine tasting held by Wine & Spirits Unlimited last night at Willstan’s. Last time, I really enjoyed it. Not to mention, my meal was considerably better than previously.

  7. I don’t know why Smyrna and La Vergne don’t combine to become a single town.
    It would be the nice city between Murfreesboro and Nashville.
    It would also save alot of money by not needing 2 sets of govt infrastructure required by seperate cities.

  8. Smyrna wouldn’t have us. Although, the following example isn’t related to gov’t; it’s a testament to the towns’ rivalry. Years ago, the local Lions Club in LaV attempted to join with the Smyrna club. The Smyrna Lions wouldn’t even give the LaV members the same membership considerations as brand new members.

  9. Also not government-related, but would you want to be the person to inform the LHS kids that they and Smyrna High School are going to become one big, happy family? Not me!! :)

  10. Sherry, don’t half the students at LHS live in Smyrna?

    I agree, it’s long past time for Smyrna and LV to merge, but it’ll never happen because as MagMom says, Smyrna looks down on us.

    Honestly I don’t guess I can blame them though, what does lavergne provide? A big subdivision and a narrow road to the interstate.

    • Good point, Michael. I don’t think it’s quite half, but I’d be curious to know the actual percentage. I think the high schoolers would side with the school they currently attend, anyway, regardless of whether they actually reside in LaVergne or Smyrna.

      I know you don’t have kids that age, but the rivalry between LHS and SHS is as bitter as anything at the collegiate level. What’s going to be interesting is what happens when Stewarts Creek High School opens, since it’s my understanding they’re going to pull from both LHS and SHS!

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