Yoga Class?

A friend and I are considering taking a Yoga class.  Does anyone know where there might be an affordable class – preferably in LaVergne, but Smyrna or Murfreesboro, too.  I saw the YMCA has a class but … alas … I’m not a member.

What other fitness activities are available in our area that don’t cost a fortune?  We have the great walking path in Veterans Park (where Trail of Treats is scheduled).  Given the absence sidewalks in my own neighborhood, I don’t want to risk life and limb walking on the roads.

All ideas are welcome!

Kathy T. doing this?  No.


(photo by evanosherow via Flickr Creative Commons)

Kathy T. doing this?  Yes.


(Photo by Piez from Flickr Creative Commons.)


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  1. There’s jazzersize at the multi purpose building.

  2. I had heard once that La Vergne was developing a greenway, but apparently that will be done shortly after the Waldron Road Expansion…

    • Supposedly according to the La Vergne website we have a greenway system, and in fact received an award for it in 1999:

      I’m still trying to find this system. The only trails I’ve found are Veteran’s memorial park and Mankin Park (if that counts). It appears that there is an abandoned trail along Nir Shriebman. Perhaps that was part of the alleged greenway system?

      Smyrna and Murfeesboro both have nice greenway systems that they continue to expand.

  3. Although I haven’t been there, I would try Smyrna Towne Centre :

    or possibly Patterson Park Community Center in M’boro: I have been to this place, and it’s actually pretty nice. Typically when you pay your $3 admission, you can stay the whole day, if you like. There’s lots to do there.

  4. A bit off topic, but .. really … “Trail of Treats” ?

    Like.. uh. The Trail of Tears… the forced removal of thousands upon thousands of people from their native lands so white settlers could build shit on it? The type of action we now call Ethnic Cleansing, and resulted in thousands of deaths? The action that Tennessee itself has recognized as a mistake and a horrible tragedy?

    THIS is what you want to call kids running around getting candy?

  5. I know! I’m always wanting to type Trail of Tears… but I’m thinking it’s because it’s on the park’s walking trail. Hoo boy…

  6. It’s been a few years since I went, but the yoga classes I used to take at the Smyrna Town Centre were first-rate and only $3 each. I’d definitely recommend them if they work with your schedule.

  7. It’s the Trail of TREATS, not Tears. That probably makes more sense.

  8. Polerin, it’s a walking trail where kids can get candy. Do you have a better name?

    I understand where you’re coming from, but the name is so generic I have never made the connection. I think if you had a phrase with a bigger word, I might agree with the offensive part. For example, if you named an amusement park “The Holocaust Fun Park,” it would be extremely offensive. But the words “Trail” and “of” don’t neccessarily generate the same emotion.

  9. The Town Center in Smyrna is great. They only charge $3.00 per visit and both my husband and son will soon be getting their black belts in marcial arts from the karate class there.

  10. I like doing yoga at home. Yoga Zone beginner videos are great. The instructor gets really detailed on how to do the poses, and that makes a big difference! If you follow his directions, you’ll get in great shape and never be in pain. Seriously.

  11. Try Town of Smyrna. They offer yoga, aerobics, and zumba. You can join or just go for $3 a class. Or $3 to use their work-out machines. HEre is the link

  12. You can also try the new music and dance studio called the main stage they have hip hop and clogging which are both great exercise for $65 per month.

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