The People of LaVergne

I’m thinking about a new writing project here on This is LaVergne. I could write about the housing market and that we’ve currently got almost 300 homes in LaVergne available. I could write about the Walden Pumpkin Farm and ask if you’ve gone yet this year. I could write about the upcoming production of Little House on the Prairie in Nashville starring Melissa Gilbert – who was once “Half Pint” – performing as “Ma.”

I could write references for repair people I know who are fabulous or mortgage companies who do wonderful work. To go along with our pigs in the neighborhood theme, I could write about how Paris Hilton now has a pet pig – teacup sized.

But I just feel … I don’t know … that I need some inspiration! I’ve been giving serious consideration to finding people from our community and featuring interviews with them on this site in November. A new person each day. Is this something you’d be interested in reading?


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  1. LaVergne First United Methodist Church is now offering a Parent’s Day Out program on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 2pm for children ages 1 through 4. Go to our website at and click on MINISTRIES and then PARENT’S DAY OUT for more information.

  2. yea Katy the people of LaVergne would be cool. something like your Wrinkle series. I would be a reader of such. great idea!

  3. We tried to go to Walden farm yesterday, but there was a LONG line. The first sunny day in a week, we should have known it would be busy!

  4. Yes, I think we know all about LaVergne’s First United Methodist Church due to their leaving of trash on our lawns and doorsteps.

    I’m sick and fucking tired of every half-cocked organization or company throwing sticks with paper tied to them in my yard or leaving crap on my doorstep for me to throw away; if you want to advertise, do it like everyone else: TV spots or mail fliers.

    Don’t leave shit for me to clean up, it’s disrespectful to my property and it just pisses me off.


  5. Kathy, I think this is another great idea of yours!!!! I know we have problems in LaVernge, but we also have alot of really good people and good things going on as well. I thank you for trying to get this out.
    D, have you talked to the church regarding the unwanted information left on your lawn? No offence, but I do not feel that a church is a half-cocked organization. I do understand not wanting trash in your yard, but geeez crusing a church!! If you will let me know what information is annoying you I will be happy to discuss the problem with the organiztions. I have not had any complaints, but I can’t address an issue if I don’t know about it.

    • I won’t be quite as vocal as D, but I too am fed up. I’ve called several vendors – some will politely agree to stop and do so; others agree but continue to leave me their stuff anyway; and one told me it was his right to advertise as he deemed appropriate. Needless to say, that is one lawn service that will NEVER get my business!

      • Sherry, I honestly do not know the laws regarding a person’s right to advertise as he deemed appropriate, but if I were guessing he does not have the right to come onto your property if he is told not to place material on it again. I will be checking on this matter. I have a real problem with signs hanging on telephone poles!!! I think it is trashy. I don’t like little signs period,(election signs either) but I do feel for the small businesses. I do want our city to be as clean as possible and I am sorry for the inconveince you and D are having with trash. Beleive it or not I call the police when I see people throwing trash out . My ditch seems to be a favrite spot. You and D can email me anytime with your addresses and the organizations that are leaving unwanted material and I will see what I can do. I will not post your identity nor discuss our private conversations. sennamosley(at) tds dot net. 793-2469 home

  6. I would like to see stories on the people that have lived here all their lives and some new comers to the area. see what everyone has to say about the area and what we as a communty can do to improve things in LaVergne and Smyrna. Great idea Kathy. Can’t wait to see stories about these fine people!

  7. Maybe I’m missing something, but I had no idea there was such animosity towards the advertising around here. I’ll occasionally get a door hanger with pizza coupons, or a magnet on my mailbox with an ad, but I look at it and if I don’t want it, I toss it in the garbage.

    As for TV and direct mail advertising, our culture is trying to eliminate those. DVR’s and Hulu can eliminate the TV commercials, and everyone I know throws away direct mail ad’s as soon as they know what it is. The harder we make it for small companies to get their message out, the more dependent we will become on big box stores to provide us with everything. As we become more dependent on them, they will be able to increase their prices. I fear the day when Home Depot starts offering a lawn mowing service, and Kroger is already trying to sell insurance.

    Just something to think about before bad mouthing small businesses.

  8. Isnt Cosco’s selling caskets to those that are dying? I see it this way If I want to do business with someone I will do business with them. The owners of the local bowling center tells me he doesnt advertise becuase he use to spend $50,000 a year putting coupons in the paper and only get one or two back so why waste the money. Why cant other businesses see this and foloow suit? If you do business as do it well your customers will be there no matter what. I hate getting the ads in the mail on Wed. afternoon. I normally just throw them out and never look at them. I look at ads every Sunday morning online and read the paper that way too. saves trash for me plus money!

  9. Michaelin,

    Door hangers, to me, are not a problem as much as paper, sticks with paper, or junk tossed in my driveway or on my porch.

    This past sunday I picked up a flier sitting on my porch mat, not hung on my door; sitting where it could blow away and end up in the yard.

    Over the spring I picked up at least a dozen fliers and sticks with fliers rubberbanded to them (sticks being cuts of ploywood, it appeared) that had been thrown in my driveway or yard.

    That’s littering, not advertising. littering.

    Since when does it become acceptable for a small business to toss what’s effectively trash in your yard ever an acceptable form of advertising?

    I don’t know about where you grew up, but in my home town of 40 thousand people used word of mouth, location, and paper advertising/tv advertising/radio advertising to get information on a business into the public.

    I don’t see throwing paper or wood, or leaving paper laying on a porch, as an effective form of advertisement.

    I just dealt with it last time and kept my mouth shut, but this time around I’m going to start filing complaints with the city.

    • Thanks D, I think we’re talking about 2 different issues. Only once has someone thrown something in my driveway that was wraped around a stick. I agree that is annoying, but it only happened to me once and it sounds like it is happening to you a lot. The city could pass an ordinance banning this, you might want to suggest that to the M/A.

      I also have no tolerance for the little signs at intersections. I call codes a couple of times a year when they get bad at the intersection of LHS because codes can call and inform the businesses that it’s against the law to advertise in the public right-of-way.

      I agree if you have a problem, you should take it to the city leaders. That’s why we elect them. Good luck to you.

  10. Alderman Mosley,I think we need to reevaluate who we allow to go door to door in this city.I can always refuse to answer the door,but a no solicting sign means nothing to most of them.I would make anyone selling products door to door in this city apply for a license.If their compnay is legit,they will pay a small fee to qualify the person.I do not know if someone going door to door represents a business or if they are casing my house out for a future burglery.
    Sherry,no one has the right to litter nor does anyone have the right to place flyers or magnets in a mail receptacle.Business mailers pay discount rates for mailers via the USPS.Anything else in a mailbox can cause a company a heavy fine if it is reported to the Postal Inspection Service.
    I have no problem with anyone in legitimate business trying to make a living,but my privacy and my property will be respected.

  11. Or you can do what we do. If someone is coming to our door to sell us something: We already have a fenced in yard so it already doesnt not look very inviting and they usually turn away and when they do start walking down the driveway we let the dogs out. They will sure turn away then. :-)

  12. In this day and time, I really do not like people coming to my door either. You just don’t know who you are talking to. You do have to have a permit. I always ask to see it and that usually gets rid of the fakes. On the other hand, during election time if you don’t knock on doors people think you don’t want their votes and if you do some people get mad. Good conversations going on here.

    • Senna, Schwan’s Frozen Food Delivery patrols the streets of Woodland Hills on a regular basis. I’m guessing they already have some customers here and are just trying to recruit more business while they’re in the neighborhood. I’d be curious to know if they have a permit to sell door-to-door, because they certainly do so.

      The salesmen are usually polite, but can be a bit pushy sometimes. I’ve just quit answering the door when I see their truck.

  13. We get a few people door-to-door, but really not too often (it seems to be alarm system salesmen and church representatives for the most part). I just don’t answer the door if I don’t recognize ’em. It’s also extremely rare that flyers actually get put in our mailbox. I think maybe it’s been publicized enough that it’s against the law that people don’t do that anymore. Ninety percent of my irritation is a result of the flyers tossed in my driveway and all the garbage hung on my front door knob or tossed on my porch.

    In the grand scheme of things, I guess this is really not a big deal . . . it just irritates the heck out of me!

  14. Well I would like to see interviews featured with our Mayor, Alderman, Chief of Police & others as appropriate, addressing some of the major topics that have have been voiced here in the past. It would be very interesting to hear if they are doing anything or have any opinion with the issues addressed such as

    Over building of LFE
    Forclosure problems
    Gang issues
    Police Substation-or lack of
    School issues
    Farm Animals-pigs
    Community Center for LaVergne
    Group Youth Residential Homes in LFE
    Section 8 housing in LFE
    Community Garden for LaVergne
    Fixing the water drains that nearly take off you’re oil pan if you hit it
    Parking on the subdivision streets
    Used car lots in residential area, or should I say too many cars parked on the lawn
    District/Sector Representation in City Hall

    These are just a few of the many interesting topics that have been voiced, I’m sure there’s more that I’ve forgot to mention.

    So Kathy would you please take some of these issues to City Hall, it would be very interesting for the readers.


  15. Senna is right, you do have to have a permit to sell door-to-door in La Vergne. This past spring I was getting ready to mow my lawn and the sun was on it’s way down and I was in a hurry. Then some guy walks up trying to sell me a bottle of magic cleaner (unless it does the cleaning while I sit on the couch, it’s not magic enough for me). I told him I didn’t have time, I needed to get the lawn mowed before I lost daylight. Instead of moving on, he said, “oh, do you think you’re better than me?” I said that has nothing to do with it, I’m busy and in a hurry. He still wouldn’t go away until I asked if he had a permit to sell door to door. He said La Vergne does not require a permit. Of course I know the city does because I’ve seen copies of them before. I told him that he needed to show me his permit or leave the neighborhood and he did not. Needless to say about 5 minutes after a call to LPD, they came and took care of the situation.

  16. HEY MichaelinLV, Beer Board is doing a great job!!!! Sorry I could not make it Tues had other obligations. Thanks for a job well done!!!!

    • Look at the comment’s, lots of hope for us that reside in LFE! Yea, I feel sorry for myself and the other hard working people that live here.

      It’s time for change in City Hall…….

      Germantown, MD
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      9 hrs ago Ugh…frickin Lakeforest.
      MMM Reply »
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      9 hrs ago WOW…always Lake Forest. If I was in the market to buy a house in LaVergne this would be definitely not any place I would even begin to consider. I feel sorry for the people that live in this area that live respectable, decent lives and are constantly surrounded by this and can’t get out. I just hope all the kids involved can be placed somewhere where they will have much better lives.

  17. Oh, so nothing bad ever happens in Brentwood? Oh, that’s right, I forgot about the Wooded Rapist! Seriously, whoever posted that is an idiot.

    • Shame on you Michael, really no need to resort to name calling. You’re opinion has changed since a previous comment you posted

      “I think the only way to solve the problems in that area is to take a bulldozer and raze everything from Clayton Homes over to Stones River Road.

      michaelinLV, on November 26th, 2008 at 1:17 pm Said:
      I’m just now reading through it, and you make a good point Senna. “The household income must be at or below 120% of area median income as defined by the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program.”

      I don’t know if I see this as good or bad. On the one hand, this program would get people into abandoned/forclosed homes. On the other hand, we already have a program to do that – It’s called an Auction. Either system will probably result in renters, and since the city still doesn’t have any codes in plae to regulate parking on the lawn, junk molding over on your front porch, etc… I think either option is going to fail without addressing the issues that have caused families to move out and renters to move in.

      Maybe I’m just depressed, but sometimes I think the only way to solve the problems in that area is to take a bulldozer and raze everything from Clayton Homes over to Stones River Road. I know a lot of you live in LFE and are good, responsible homeowners, But I don’t know if the planning failures of LFE can ever be overcome

      • nclb, I think what you have done is define taking a statement out of context. What you posted is:

        “I think the only way to solve the problems in that area is to take a bulldozer and raze everything from Clayton Homes over to Stones River Road.”

        When what I actually typed is:

        “Maybe I’m just depressed, but sometimes I think the only way to solve the problems in that area is to take a bulldozer and raze everything from Clayton Homes over to Stones River Road.”

        If you read my entire statement that you posted, you’ll realize that my post about razing LFE is different than my post about the drug dealers.

        I don’t care where you live, if you are surrounded by enough people you will have criminal activity. “Lake Forest Estates” is not to blame for that story. That would be like me saying I would never buy a house anywhere in the McFarlin Point because a family was killed by their derranged father in one house in that subdivision.

        LFE has plenty of problems, but if I’m looking at buying a house, my decision will not be dictated by what crime some family might have committed in their own home on the other side of the neighborhood.

  18. Kathy,

    I would really like this idea, hope this is some inspiration to you. We have had many interesting subjects here, I would really like to hear from the Mayor, Alderman and others as appropriate. I would like to hear views and or plans to correct or implement some of these issues…….

    LFE-overbuilding, zoning
    LaVergne Community Center
    LaVergne Community Garden
    Gangs & Violence
    Youth Residential approval
    Section 8
    Parking on subdivision street
    Codes for the number of cars in a yard
    Police substation
    Creation of District/Sector Representation of Alderman
    The unfiniished roads in LFE

    These are just some interesting topics that I’ve read here, I know there are others that I’ve not mentioned.

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