Have you heard of SIMA?

I read in the newspaper the other day about a group of Independent Merchants in Smyrna.  They were banding together to keep the “little guys” in business and to not get “swallowed” by the big box stores.  I thought this was a fabulous idea!  The same day I went with my daughter to get her oil changed.  And lo and behold, guess what was on their countertop?  An application for SIMA!?!  So, I, of course, had to ask if La Vergne businesses could join their club…seeing as how we are the “little sister” of Smyrna.  I was told “NO!  It’s only for Smyrna businesses.  Why don’t you people in La Vergne start your own group?”  Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but you get the jest.

So, what say you, La Vergenians?  Would you like to compete with Smyrna or just be a business on the road to get to Smyrna?  My vote is “Battle!!!!”




2 Responses

  1. Typical response from Smyrna . . . doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m all for the battle, but think it’d be a losing effort, at least for now.

    We just don’t have the variety of goods and services that Smyrna does and people go to Nashville, Smyrna or Murfreeesboro to fulfill their needs, because LaVergne can’t.

  2. I’ve said many times that La Vergne simply isn’t trying to compete with Smyrna for retail, and maybe that’s ok. We in La Vergne have shown we will do business in Smyrna, and Smyrnanites (?) have no reason to come to La Vergne except for auto parts. We don’t even get their liquor business anymore!

    La Vergne needs to look at ways to be successful without mirroring Smyrna. Interchange City brings a lot of people through La Vergne, perhaps we should build on our industrial reputation?

    There’s always the thought that Smyrna/La Vergne could merge and quit replicating each others services. But that seems unlikely as long as La Vergne has the perception that it’s the ghetto.

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