Grief Support Group to Meet

If you or someone you know is grieving, there’s a 13-week non-denominational Christian-based support group in the Murfreesboro area. Meetings are at Leanna Church of Christ (just off 840) on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m.

Each meeting includes a video, “share” time and the support of others who also have experienced loss of a loved one.

Email Yvonne Moon at or call the church at 890-9659 for more information.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hoping everyone has a safe, happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your turkey or tofu … whatever you prefer.  From my friend in West Tennessee, the biggest turkey I’ve ever seen.

Market Update …

I wanted to share my new work web address with everyone AND this market update from Bob Parks Realty.  On a side note, we currently have 286 homes for sale on the MLS in LaVergne.  235 are under $200,000 with the least expensive homes in Driftwood Village (mobile homes).  There is another house for sale through HUD on Mercury Drive for $58,000 – a cute little two bedroom, one bath that needs some repairs (HUD estimates about $3600 in repairs).

The most expensive home for sale is in the Woods at Martins Bend for $516,900.  It looks amazing (no doubt!).  For sake of transparency, I am not the listing agent on these homes.  However I can provide you with information or show any home on the MLS if you’re interested in learning more.

market update 11-09

And Now for Something Completely Different

Already shopping for Christmas?  My writing colleague over at Shakadoo also writes for PopFi – a fun fun site that brings you news, grossness, and pictures from today’s pop culture. 

Ron linked to this Beard Head site and I must say – I LOVE IT! If you’re looking to pick up a gift for the hard-to-please, this one will certainly get their attention!


Open Thread Friday

Is it my imagination or have I seen a new sign at the old Big Apple Buffet which became Ichiban Kitchen?

New Apple Buffet

Who has details?  When will it open?  Chinese food?

What else you want to talk about today?

Some Good News for Bridgestone

You know the whole debate about Wall Street firms needing to offer huge bonuses for their executives to remain with the company just frosts my butt.  First, they’re doing a less than spectacular job anyway.  Second, last I heard no one else is hiring so where do they think they’ll go if they leave the company?

That said, I hope Bridgestone workers look at the news of pay cuts as not necessarily a bad thing because it preserves their jobs.  According to the Daily News Journal,

“We went through several options and we agreed on a $2.50 per hour pay cut across the board,” Patterson said.

Forty of the plant’s 479 employees will have the opportunity to take a buyout of $25,000 on a first-come, first-serve and seniority-basis, he said.

Additionally, employees will be required to take a one-week unpaid furlough each year during one of the plant’s regular July and December shutdowns.

These concessionary bargaining decisions will result in a four-year plant protection agreement that will begin upon ratification.

Good news that plant production will continue for at leats four more years… just my opinion.  What do you think?

Doors Open for Thanksgiving

I am so impressed when people make a commitment to others in need – to be compassionate and caring.  I heard yesterday about an organization called Right Road Ministries in LaVergne that is opening its doors on Thanksgiving to welcome people who need a place to go that day.  Everyone is welcome.  Food is served at 2:00 p.m.  The flyer says,

  • Free food and beverages
  • Take home some leftovers
  • Football game will be on TV
  • Family fun and games
  • Meet some new friends

Located at 188 Old Nashville Highway in LaVergne, it’s behind the yellow Von’s Beauty Shop.  If you want to help, the organization is asking for donated food items to go to Outreach Food Pantry.  In addition, the Clothes Closet is in need of winter coats, gloves and hats for all ages.   To donate, call 793-2118 and ask for Dee or Amanda.