Tweets from Here, There, Everywhere

Are you on Twitter?  You should be!  Here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks!

@faintgraylines “Growing a mustache for prostate cancer awareness is random. Like growing your nails long for colon cancer … what’s so funny, Samantha?”

@mintertwo Maggie is busy, busy, busy tonight. There are just to many nefarious foes lurking in the backyard for her not to bark incessantly.

@AmyVernon Why do people actually think they can get rich by doing NOTHING?

@Busymom Gaaaaahhhhhhharghhhhh (just needed to let that out, thanks.)

@newscoma Sentimental girl here today, not to be confused with Hostile Gimme A Beer girl. (They live side by side in my brain.)

@justmalia I haz paradise pie from Chili’s and I’m not sharing. Back off before I stab you with my fork.

@leblanc74 I’m pretty sure that in a past life I did something pretty horrible. I’m just saying.

@theogeo If I could meet my seller, I’d hug her. I just keep finding useful stuff stashed everywhere. Thank you, TR! Thank you!!!

@faintgraylines “I make more money than you. Dance for me.”

@brittneyg I want to emotionally eat something. Something fried.

@shi*mydadsays “You worry too much. Eat some bacon… What? No, I got no idea if it’ll make you feel better, I just made too much bacon.”

@GingerSnaps I provoke freaks.

@elfguts the blackberry has truly revolutionized my bathroom experience. my library card mourns.

Enjoy your day, LaVergne!

9 Responses

  1. I haven’t seen this posted anywhere so, I would like to share. La Vergne has 2 new businesses. We have ANOTHER tobacco store, located in the new shopping behind Regions bank (and behind the other tobacco store and across the street from the other tobacco store)on M’boro Rd. It’s called Zack Tobacco. We are also getting a Little Ceasar’s Pizza. Yeah! It’s located where the Gyro place is (the former location of Hero’s subs),

    That’s all.

    • I love little ceasers – $5 cheese pizza and crazy bread, it’s hard to beat. Glad they’re coming to town!

  2. Speaking of restaurants, does anyone know what happened with Strouds on Waldron? The signs are down and it is shut tight. I was so looking forward to a BBQ nachos tomorrow for lunch!

    • Not sure the story about Strouds. I will say I went there only once because they don’t take plastic (only cash or check. I rarely carry more than $20 in cash and never carry a check book). Their food was very good, but what a hassel to have to stop by the ATM on the way to get BBQ.

      • michaelinLV, I wonder if them not accepting plastic hurt the business…we always had to remember to take our checkbooks. When the stopped taking credit cards they said the fees were killing them and rather than raise the prices they stopped the cards.

    • No loss as far as I’m concerned. We tried it several times and the food was medicore at best. The no-plastic rule was a major hassle too.

  3. In regards to Strouds, a quick google search indicates that it costs about 1%-2% to accept a credit card. Let’s assume it cost Stroud’s 2% everytime they swiped a Visa – That means that a $10 mean would need to be sold for $10.20. If their margins were so tight they couldn’t take plastic, then they were doomed anyway.

    When you sign an agreement to take Visa, you also agree not to pass the charges on to customers who do use Visa, and you also have to agree not to set a minimum cost (although lots of people put up signs saying there is a minimum. They are just hoping you’ll not question this and spend extra). But lots of small businesses accept these added cost because studies have shown that consumers are likely to spend MORE if they can use plastic. Plus the convinence factor brings customers back.

    Sorry you didn’t like their food Sherry. I don’t know if it was the BEST bbq around, but it beat Jim n’ Nicks, and it beats Famous Dave’s too.

  4. Would love for Pope Taylor’s bar-b-q to come to town . . .

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