Special Ed Consultant

First, I apologize for everything being in bold font.  I don’t know what I did to make it happen and don’t know how to fix it so that’s where we are for now until one of my brain cells fires an “A-ha!” moment to me.

One of my friends has experienced many ups and downs with the special education services offered at our county schools.  When she transferred to one school, for example, her daughter was given a chance to take band but her son was denied and told there was no room in the classroom – which she clearly knew to be untrue.  He was already labeled with having some special needs and that shut him out of taking the class.

Deborah has had to fight for every step forward she takes and became so skilled that she was hired by a state agency to be a case worker for other special education families when their children had similar discriminatory experiences.  Today, she is working on her own as a Special Education Parent Consultant.  If you have a special needs student, feel they are being treated unfairly, and need help please remember my friend Deborah Balthrop.  She can help.  Deborah can be reached at deborahbalthrop (at) yahoo (dot) com or by phone at (615) 593-6048.

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  1. Thanks for the post. It is very timely for us.

    When my daughter started first grade she had a few minor academic issues. When I brought those up at the first Parent/Teacher conference, the 1st grade teacher flat out said that the Kindergarten teacher my daughter (and many of her classmates) had was incompetent and failed to teach them anything. I was shocked at how quick she turned on another teacher.

    The same teacher told us that an IEP was not applicable to an ADHD kid. No amount of reasoning could convince her as she considered herself an expert on the matter due to her many years of teaching. Her information was clearly wrong and we spoke with the principal who started the process.

    Honestly, we’re going to stick with the county schools one more year. If things don’t improve dramatically, we’ll either relocate to another district, go private, or try homeschooling.

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