Why do people just dump animals?

This just breaks my heart!  Within the past 3 days, a black teen-aged kitten has appeared out of nowhere… and a black fuzzy small “dog”, and a “used to be” orange cat.    For some unknown reason people tend to discard animals in my neighborhood, it used to be “in the country” until the developers found us, but that’s hardly the case now.    Being an animal lover, I have taken in more than my fair share of cats and wondered why my eyes were on fire after holding them.  Well DUH, I’m allergic to them… it took me over 20 years to figure that out!   I always blamed it on pollen… stoopid!

Do we have our own Animal Control office or do we have to fetch them from the ‘Boro?




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  1. Boro has the only animal control office for Rutherford.

    I think the issue needs to be brought before the city, and an increase in city property tax to fund some better/additional city services would go a long way towards improving the image of La Vergne.

  2. its terrible when people do that…that’s how i ended up with 1 of my 3 cats. just last week, i had to find new homes for 1 of my dogs and my iguana. I looked very hard to find a suitable home for each one of them and I feel in my heart that I did a good job. Its sad that I had to do it, but had no choice

  3. While I agree that things need to be done to improve La Vergne’s image, I don’t think we need our own dog catcher.

    Outsoursing to Rutherford County is the most affordable thing to do, my main issue is does the county fine the owners of dogs they catch loose? Maybe the city should tack on an additional surcharge to cover the costs?

    Before the city spends any more money, they really need to widen some of these narrow roads (Old Nashville). Not only that, the one place in the entire city where kids would use a sidewalk is on Chaney where kids walk to LHS and CGES. WHY WILL THE CITY NOT ADD SIDEWALKS THERE? Everey day I go down Chaney in the AM, I’m afraid I’m goign to hit some poor kid walking in the tall gras…

  4. Sidewalks are in the plans for Chaney. First, however — according to the way we received the grants — will be Fergus. But rest assured, Robin Grubb with Parks and Rec has worked hard to ensure that money is coming in for these projects. I believe they are matching grants, so it will depend on when the city has the money to match the grants. Raising taxes would definitely help.

    About the animal control, the city pays money to the county each year to support the animal control program. I don’t know why people don’t use them more. It seems easy enough to take them to the Boro. But then again, I — like a lot of people — would like to see more of a patrol in this area. If not that, then a faster response time would be nice.

  5. Thanks for the information Angie.

    The property tax situation will be interesting after the upcoming round of assesments. My personal opinion is the appraisals will show that property values will increase, although most people will disagree. But still, that will affect the tax rate and could lead to backlash if property tax rates are increased.

  6. Property taxes will never be raised next year, even though it is badly needed to keep existing city services and / or expand services. Next year is election year and it just won’t happen. City needs more firefighters and police officers, but they won’t have the money.

    Water and sewer rates also need to be increased. Metro just increased city treatment rate more than 2 times the old rate. Water and sewer revenues cannot keep up. City will probably go bankrupt by the time elections get here. The city can’t keep dipping into it’s reserves that long to keep paying metro the new rate.

  7. Property tax increases should be very moderate at best.My accessed property value is 15% over what any potential buyer would dream of paying.Why not devise a strategy to bring some solid retail and restaurant establishments to the Murfressboro Road part of LaVergne?We have all the used car lots we need,unless we want to look more like the Central Americano Murfressboro Road in Nashville.The traffic count would justify franchise type restaurants,many of whom would build their own buildings.The new establishments if anything would assist existing businesses.
    Also,if we want more revenue,station traffic patrol on Old Nashville Highway and write your city revenue gains.The speed limit sign is not there to hold the damn road up!If someone can not read,maybe they should not be driving.
    I am all for fines for those who leave animals behind.I would guess that many of them have been evicted from their homes or apartments so good luck collecting.

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