Thankful Thursday: Some Announcements

Today I am thankful for things to write about on This is LaVergne.  First, the city needs a tree.

The City of La Vergne is looking for a pine tree to decorate for the city’s annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. The ceremony, which takes place prior to the Mayor- Alderman meeting on Dec. 3, features a prayer and Christmas songs by a local singer. Any resident who wishes to donate a tree is urged to call Angie Mayes at 207-4678.

If you have a tree, you know what to do.  Second, the LaVergne High School Choraliers are hosting their annual chili dinner this Friday the 13th at 6:00 p.m.

The evening will begin in the cafeteria where you will feast on a Chili Supper with all the fixins. Then after we have filled our bellies we will move over to the Auditorium to enjoy a fabulous Vocal program by the Choral members.

This will be a night for all to come out and bring all your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Tickets are being pre-sold right now by the students for $5 per person or $20 per family up to 6 people. This is our preferred method for you to purchase your tickets so that we may plan the evening for the correct amount of guests. Those who purchase a ticket in advance will be placed on our “Reservations” list and will have priority seating for both the dinner & the program. But if you are not able to get a pre-sale ticket you may also pay at the door.  Contact Tonya Knell 308-8031 for tickets and if you know a Choralier, mention their name and they will get the credit for the ticket sale.

We would also like you to know that the money raised from this event will greatly benefit the students in many ways. For Choraliers, this will help in covering the cost to rent their dresses for the Winter & Spring Concerts and this will help in raising the funds for their trip to Disney in April. For Concert Choir member, this will help in covering the cost to rent their dresses for the Winter & Spring Concerts.

So please, buy your tickets and come out and support YOUR Choir Department.

I may just try to show up for this if my mouth – fresh from an excruciating dental appointment – is willing.  Maybe I’ll stop drooling by then.

Finally we do fuss sometimes about where we live, but overall I’m very thankful for many things.  I like being able to drive down the street and seeing someone wave to me.  I like walking into a restaurant where they know my name.  I like that you guys ponied up and voted so I was a finalist in the Ruthies Awards for favorite realtor (pssst… I think I came in second… hidely ho and my gratitude, friends).   :)

To thank you, I want to be able to feature some of your photos here as we come into Thanksgiving.  What are YOU thankful for?  Submit your photos to and we’ll feature them here… as long as they are tasteful (and I reserve the right to make that call). By submitting the photo, you understand that you give full permission for it to be published in electronic and print format.  Also, let us know what/who the photo is so we can put in a description.  I’ll look forward to seeing what you send!

Please.  Someone send me something.  Don’t leave me hanging.  K?


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