Tuesday Announcements

The city is planning to re-pave part of Waldron Road before winter sets in and makes it impossible.  I haven’t driven the stretch lately, but it must be a hot mess,

The paving will take place from Blair Road to Rock Springs Road. We are looking to do it ASAP, he said. Especially since the paving companies will be closing soon for the winter. The road has been patched in the past, but now needs to be completely paved, he added.

Also don’t forget this Saturday there will be a “Drug Take-Back” program where you can turn in old prescriptions instead of flushing or pitching which could taint the water,

The La Vergne Police Department, in association with the La Vergne Parks Department, CADCOR, the La Vergne Rotary and La Vergne Drug Store, is hosting a “Drug Take-Back” event at the La Vergne City Hall’s front parking lot from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Nov. 21st.

Finally, I’ve been begging my friends, colleagues, and others for weeks now looking for a convertible – no luck.  My daughter is Junior Miss Tennessee of Baton Twirling and she (and the other queens) need convertibles for the Springfield Christmas Parade this Saturday.   We have to line-up at 1:00 p.m., so will need it from about Noon to 5:00 p.m.  If you don’t want someone else to drive your car, we invite you to drive it in the parade yourself.  If we don’t fine a car to borrow, does anyone know a good place to rent a convertible at an affordable price?  Any help is greatly, deeply, enormously appreciated.

Hope your Tuesday is good!


7 Responses

  1. Regarding the paving, it definitely needs to be done, but I sure wish they’d wait until next summer (which was the original game plan, I believe?). It’s going to be a huge mess with the buses trying to get to Rock Springs Elementary, and there’s just no other way to get there that won’t add 15-20 minutes to the drive. Glad I don’t drive that stretch of road anymore!

  2. It’s about time!!! That stretch of Waldron is hideous!

  3. I agree, there are so many potholes in that strech.

    Sheery, your question intrigued me. I looked and was thinking Blair road would be a good alternate, but it would add probably 10 minutes and a couple of miles to get to RSE.

    • Michael, you’d have to take Blair Road down to Rock Springs Road (by the middle school), but still have to get back on Waldron Road to get to RSE. If they’re paving from Blair to Rock Springs Road, there’s no way that entire stretch can all be closed at once, even for only a day. The only way to get to RSE would be to come in the back way by McFarlin Pointe (Lake Road, I think is the name of that street?).

      Heck, Blair needs to be repaved just as badly, but that wouldn’t be such a hassle to get around!

  4. I had heard that the widening is finally going to happen because McDonalds had sued the city but now the city has won! dont do busniess with mcd’s on walren rd now!

    • Come again? We’re talking about Waldron Road on the other side of I-24. Did McDonald’s sue the city about widening Waldron Road down to Murfreesboro Road? I hadn’t heard anything about a lawsuit.

  5. That stretch of road is pretty bad. It’s so bad, the city posted a sign saying “rough road ahead.” I’m not joking. When I saw the sign I figured they weren’t going to fix the road at all, just warn everyone to drive carefully!

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