Open Thread Friday

Is it my imagination or have I seen a new sign at the old Big Apple Buffet which became Ichiban Kitchen?

New Apple Buffet

Who has details?  When will it open?  Chinese food?

What else you want to talk about today?


14 Responses

  1. Buffets. Peeeyuke.

  2. Is it me, or is that Big Apple Buffet sign a little gaudy?

    That being said, it’s nice that the building will not be sitting empty.

  3. There is a new sign…guess we will find out if/when it opens! I agree with Snowman, it will be nice to have the building active instead of empty.

  4. Aright! Chinese Buffet yummm. Chinese buffets havent done well in La Vergne. Red necks dont like that weird stuff.

  5. Red necks?!? Now that’s not nice!!!

  6. Some of the best rednecks I know love chineese food. And I know tons of rednecks, remember, I’m from Georgia ;)

  7. I like Chinese too, but am not a fan of buffet-style anything!

  8. Did I imagine that it was open a week or two ago? And now there’s a sign that says “opening soon”.

    I’ll keep going to Noodle House. It’s REALLY good and it’s not buffet!

  9. Ribbon Cutting– from the Chamber of Commerce:

    New Apple Buffet
    Thursday, Dec. 17
    4 p.m.
    5179 Murfreesboro Road
    La Vergne
    Peter Chiou, Manager

  10. So…what is up with our police department?? I was so upset last night because there was something weird going on in our neighborhood and saw police officer while I was driving to the grocery store. Thought I would tell him instead of calling the non-emergency number. I pull into the gas station where he was and was trying to get his attention to let him know and instead of helping me out he decides to pull me over for a headlight out. After all the time he spent with me asking for all my information he then says, “I’ll go check out your neighborhood”. Well, it was probably too late then! Guess priorities are mixed up.

  11. KC, I don’t mean to play devils advocate, but think about it this way:

    Let’s say I am pulled over for speeding. When the officer comes to the window I say “Officer, I know I was speeding but when I left my house a few minutes ago I think someone was breaking into my neighbors house. You might want to go check on that instead of writing me this $130 ticket.”

    I assume you only got a warning for the headlight so it’s not that you were trying to get out of anything, but I’ve got to believe when an officer hears a story from someone he stopped for a traffic violation, he has to think, if they are telling the truth, why didn’t they care enough to call the police before I pulled them over?

    You shouldn’t worry about calling the LPD non-emergency number. You are not kicking off 911 calls, and if they are busy with something pressing, you’ll just be put on hold.

    Yes, I have called the non-emergency numbers many times. Sometimes for major things (a person I did not recognize sitting outside my neioghbors house when nobody was home) and for minor things (someone selling door to door with no permit). Calling the non-emergency number isn’t going to cause police officers to stop chasing a robber just to come find out why your neighbors radio is too loud.


  12. 615-793-7744 is the LPD non-emergency number, not my personal number just FYI.

  13. Yes, I totally agree MichaelinLV that they would and is their job to pull over someone that obviously has a headlight and why should they believe something I say. But, I was flagging him down about a problem before he decided to pull me over. It was like, oh someone needs help but let me pull them over first. Thanks for the non emergency number. Guess I was afraid to call 911 since I had been in a hit and run not long ago and since nobody was hurt the dispatcher told me to call the non emergency number instead.

  14. Ate there yesterday….

    MUCH improved over the last couple of tries.

    Food was very tasty and fresh, selection was great, all new fresh clean seating, Very friendly staff….

    Prices good, we will give it a thumbs up for sure!!

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