Need Your H1N1 Vaccine?

I got both my regular flu shot and the H1N1 mist already, but I’m giving very serious consideration to dragging my daughters in for theirs.  They won’t be happy but I think I’d rather they experience the brief ouchie than to get deathly sick from H1N1.  And now it’s readily available for EVERYONE at your friendly local Kroger store, according to the DNJ,

The H1N1 flu immunizations, available for $10 each, will be administered by Kroger immunizing pharmacists. H1N1 vaccine (both nasal and injectible) will be available in most Kroger pharmacies, but quantities are limited and will be available while supplies last.  Kroger is partnering with local, state and federal health authorities, including The Centers for Disease Control, to distribute the H1N1flu vaccine and government-issued supplies of anti-viral medications.

Have you gotten a flu shot?  Are you planning to?


7 Responses

  1. I am sorry for going off topic, but does anyone know where Santa will be this weekend?


  2. The north pole I hope :)

    Santa has been at Chick Fil A the past couple of Saturdays from 5 PM – 8 PM, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be there again this Saturday too.

  3. My daughter and I have had this cold crap for a couple of weeks so we haven’t been able to get it. Then, my daughter ends up with the flu this week. Go figure.

  4. Santa will be at the La Vergne Kroger on Saturday from 12 – 4, I think.

  5. where did the Santa go that used to be at Smiths?? He was the BEST!

  6. Cricket, thank you for the info. He was there and the kids were so happy to see them!! I appreciate your help!


  7. I thought H1N1 shots are free? But Kroger is charging $10?

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