Best Christmas Lights – My Vote

I vote for this house in the “best of” Christmas lights for LaVergne. Not that we have a contest going or anything.  This is deep in Lake Forest off Bill Stewart… the house is on Ruth Lane.  BEAUTIFUL.  Great job people who live there!!  Want to send us a picture of your Christmas lights?  Or any lights in LaVergne that you think are lovely, spectacular, or pretty?  Send it to lavergneblog (at) gmail (dot) com.


5 Responses

  1. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing! I love holiday decorations. There is a house on Taylor that hits every holiday, including Valentine’s day!

  2. There is a house on Chaney with a huge front yard and lights all over the place, it’s pretty good too.

    • I’ve seen that house, it’s a bit much in my opinion. Even the yard is strung with lights. But at least they’re having fun, eh?

  3. I found this totally by accident. I own the house on Ruth lane. Thank you so very much!!!The wind storm picked santa and the reindeer up off the roof and slammed them into it taking all the zig zags with it. lol I cried at first thinking I would never get it all fixed in time, but somehow I made it and put santa back the next day. The fact that you did this is very touching to me. I am so glad you like it. New Year’s day night will be the last hoorah. Stop and knock on my door and say hello if you come back by. I would love to meet you. Again, you made my day. Happy New Year!!! Curtis

  4. Curtis… well we appreciate the work YOU did to make it fun to drive by your house! Again… bravo!

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