New Apple Buffet … A Review

I tried out the New Apple Buffet on December 23rd – dragged my husband there for our 23rd anniversary.  I’ve been procrastinating writing about it here because I didn’t love it.  Yes, I liked it just fine but I so want to *love* the place!

There are about 8 eight food bars to graze through that include your regular Chinese buffet dishes:  white rice and fried rice, chicken on a stick, crab rangoons, egg rolls and spring rolls, lo mein, sesame chicken, beef in broccoli, honey chicken, etc.  It was all good.  There are two buffets dedicated to salads and desserts, plus another freezer for hand dipped ice cream.

I had some of the regular food (see photo to the right), but also tried two California rolls – I don’t like raw sushi so the California rolls are wonderful for my taste buds.  And they were okay – not as good as Tokyo Japanese Restaurant in Smyrna, but good.

I regret that I didn’t try the hibachi grill, but I didn’t figure out that you load the raw food on your plate that you want prepared and hand it to the Hibachi chef.  I saw several people doing this after I’d already eaten … will definitely do it next time.

They do have crab legs and hot butter and I really enjoyed that.

The cost of the lunch buffet is $6.59 and dinner is $9.99 (dinner starts at 3:30 pm).  On Sunday, it costs $9.99 all day.  And drinks are extra, of course, at prices I dislike at every Chinese buffet I’ve gone to.  Water with lemon!  Or lime!

The hostess and other people who worked there were very efficient. They were great about removing used plates and bringing refills.  I will definitely go again and hope that if I do the Hibachi side I’ll love it rather than just liking it.   Because I want to love it.  I really do.  It’s so important that we support our local businesses so we can grow into more than just a town near Nashville with affordable housing  and lots of auto parts stores.

Please comment as you try it out!  And thanks for those of you who already shared.


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  1. We went there last night, and you are right! The food was ok, and I did try the sushi, and it was good and fresh. I will try it again (I missed the hibachi too).

  2. “It’s so important that we support our local businesses so we can grow into more than just a town near Nashville with affordable housing and lots of auto parts stores.”

    Hey, don’t forget our true claim to fame – Home of the Largest Mobile Home Park in America!

    I appreciate the review on the New AB. I haven’t been there and probably won’t any time soon because my wife hates Chineese food. When we first moved here we ate at the Original AB almost once a week after church (before my wife decided she hates chineese food). I don’t remember the price, but I thought it was much less than this. $10 does seem high for a new restaurant in a so-so economy.

    You’re mentioning of the drinks makes me laugh thinking about the “deal” that Logans advertises, 2 meals for $13.99. They say that it’s cheaper for people to eat out than to buy food and eat at home. Let’s see, take $13.99 and add tax ($1.36), gratuity ($2.80) and you have $18.15 for 2 adults. But wait, we don’t have anything to drink! I drink water at work, but I hate drinking water with meals.

    A soft drink or sweet tea is $2, so the total is $22.15. Not only can I buy food and cook at home for less than that, but I could walk across the street to iHop and feed 3 people for that price.

    • 1. Logan’s doesn’t say anything in their commercials about it being cheaper to eat there than at home. I believe you’re thinking about some other restaurant chain.

      2. Sure, you could feed 3 people at IHOP for that price, but the quality of Logan’s food is a hell of a lot better.

      • …but the grounds at IHOP aren’t an accident waiting to happen. I haven’t eaten there since I injured my knee on their sidewalk after dinner. My knee hasn’t been the same since and I haven’t missed their food at all!

      • FYI, it is logans that advertises their $13.99 deal is “cheaper than eating at home.” I’ll look and see if the commercial is on youtube.

        I like IHOP for breakfast. Their steak may not be as good, but who goes to IHOP for steak?

  3. Actually, the largest trailer park in america is Sun Valley, NV just outside Reno.

    • Wikipedia says Cedar Glen is the largest, however we all know that wiki is not the most relible source :)

  4. I tried NAB the second day they were open and was very disappointed. The service was very good and the food was tasty enough, but I couldn’t get beyond the fact that everything was either barely warm or downright cold. Then, the ice cream was frozen so rock hard that I managed to scrape (not scoop) out only half a scoop full before giving up. When I informed the manager of my dissatisfaction he apologized and said he would give me a discount the NEXT time I came in. I can’t imagine why he assumed I would return, especially since he offered nothing in writing to entice me back.

  5. My sentiments towards the New Apple are very similar.The lunch buffet is $6.59 including drink.My favorites are the spring and egg rolls,various chicken dishes and some of the vegetables like the steamed green beans.I hope they make it.I would love to see something like Western Sizzler or Ryan’s between Lavergne and Smyrna.I know we have the traffic count and demographics for them.

  6. Hi, this is Peter. I am the manager of NAB. I have read your comments. Thanks for the great advice. I’ll try my best to make each my customers happy. If u have any further questions please contact me at Thank you very much!

  7. Getting back to the New Apple Buffet review… my friend said he ate lunch there on Saturday and it was wonderful. He and his son plan to return often. I’m definitely going back, but will probably also try the lunch run my next venture in…

    And kudos to Peter for letting us know how to contact him. We truly do wish you (and our other local restaurants) MUCH SUCCESS … I like to spend my money in LaVergne whenever I can rather than taking it all to Smyrna, Nashville or Murfreesboro!

  8. Has anyone been to the new Bob’s BBQ on Waldron road in the location where Stroud’s used to be? I haven’t been to the one in Smyrna, just curious how good it is.

    Glad to see that the building didn’t sit empty for very long after Stroud’s bailed out. I thought Stroud’s was good, but I don’t usually carry much cash and they didn’t take plastic.

  9. I haven’t been to the new barbecue place, but I did give New Apple another try today for lunch. They were pretty good … I love the honey chicken (still). Went with two friends: one keeps going back again and again; the other had no complaints. I very much appreciated that I could eat without freezing to death – the temperature was very comfortable! :)

  10. I went through Bob’s BBQ the other day. In terms of the menu and food, it seemed almost identical to Stroud’s. I had only been to Strouds once or twice, so I’m sure there are differences that someone else would know better.

    I happened to have cash that day (which is rare), so I can’t say if they are accepting cards or not. That building still seems a little cold to me. The menu & drive-up window orientation is also awkward. The new signage did add some color compared with the white Stroud’s signage. There seems to be more cars there than Stroud’s had, which is a positive sign.

  11. I tried the New Apple Buffet a couple weeks ago. I have to say it is better than it was before. Good selection. Everything appeared clean and in order. Good flavors. The sweet teas is too sweet. Most chinese buffets I go to have sugar water for tea.

    • I’ve never heard anyone from the South say that “the sweet tea is too sweet.” You must be a Yankee (and that’s not meant as an insult ’cause I’m a Yankee!). :)

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