The Drive-About – Some of Our Roads

Overall the main roads are definitely passable.  The secondary roads are passable as well, but with night falling (and temperatures too as a result) I’d STAY HOME tonight.  The roads started making the crunchy noise you get on ice as we made curves where the sun had already set.  Be careful out there.  And no school tomorrow for Rutherford county (woohoo!).

The pictures…

Driving up Jones Mill Road.

Turning right onto Murfreesboro Road from Fergus Road.

Post office parking lot is going to be slippery tomorrow!  At least until the sun comes out and resumes the thaw.

Now that’s a big pile of snow!

Corner of Murfreesboro Road and Stones River Road.

The weather didn’t stop New Apple from being busy!

Hmmm… trying to remember where this is… OH… heading down Stones River Road (we made a big circle from Shreibman Road by Kroger, around the round-about (aka traffic circle), and down Stones River.  That’s the Senior Center on the right.

We needed wiper fluid… I waited outside and played with my camera while husband went inside.

This is Hollandale Road near the Sand Hill Cemetery.

And driving down hill on Hollandale approaching Morningside.

That’s it.  Still no snow pictures from any of you reading this.  Not even a dumb ol’ snowman.  /grumbling


Work Being Done on Icy Roads

From the city, two emails:

City salting hilly roads first

Mayor Ronnie Erwin said Sunday morning that he is working on getting the side roads salted as soon as possible.

First priority are roads which have hills, he said. He and Alderman Dennis Waldron were out Sunday morning looking at the roads, he noted.

There was a fire Saturday night and the city used its sand and salt reserve on the roads so that the fire trucks could get to the fire, the Mayor said.

Crews are starting out at noon on Sunday and working on the most dangerous roads, according to Street Department supervisor Garry Riddle.

The Mayor wants everyone to be careful and make it to their destination safely. If you don’t have to be out, please stay at home until the roads are in better condition, he said.

He wants to thank all of those citizens who have written into the webmaster on this site and have given us information as to which roads are bad. The information has been given to Riddle and they will make an attempt to get to as many roads as possible.

Please write to the webmaster at or to the Mayor at, if you have concerns or comments.


From the Desk of Mayor Ronnie Erwin:

City personal are working diligently to clear the roadway of ice and snow as quickly as possible.

City personal are working on getting the side roads salted as soon as possible. First priority are roads which have hills.

Additional updates will be provided on this site and Channel 4 as they become available.

Click here to report a bad road in your area.

Thank you for the update!

Roof Collapses at Smyrna Bowling Center

UPDATE 3:42 p.m., 1/31/2010: From WKRN, Ice, snow causes bowling center roof to collapse

UPDATE 1:45 p.m., 1/31/2010: From the DNJ, Roof collapses at Smyrna Bowling Center.

Photo posted on Mark’s facebook page, taken by mechanic.

UPDATE 12:09 p.m., 1/31/2010: Become a fan of the Smyrna Bowling Center on Facebook.

UPDATE 11:42 a.m., 1/31/2010: From the DNJ, Tournament Postponed.

My friend works nights at the Smyrna Bowling Center and how fortunate we have been in this area to have this 24-hour, 7 days a week recreational facility.  Bad news is that for what will probably be several months, we’ll have to go somewhere else to bowl morning, noon and night.

Fortunately only three lanes were being used last night when staff heard a loud noise.  They looked up to see the roof moving and watched in horror as the roof collapses from the weight of the icy snow.  Here’s a photo from the inside taken by one of the worker’s cell phones,

The owners are of course talking to their insurance company, but until engineers say the building is safe to enter they can’t even get inside.  There will probably be extensive water damage where water lines were broken in the collapse causing water to run through and under most of the state-of-the-art wooden lanes.

If any of you know of any temporary work for my friends who work at the bowling center, please contact me. Meanwhile, I hope the owners and employees know how sorry we are that this has happened… we wish you godspeed in making the repairs.

Coverage from the Chattanoogan.

A Snowy Day in LaVergne

I had to get out in this mess because a certain young adult in my household just HAD to come home from college today. She caught a ride with a friend and we met them in town to keep her friend from driving out on these slippery country roads.  Since I was passenger, I brought my camera and clicked away.  Here’s what I have….

Now I’m fairly certain there are people whose pictures are MUCH BETTER than mine. Send them!

Housekeeping Announcements for TiLaV

New Year, fresh start!  After talking with our writers, we are trimming our numbers somewhat but growing in other ways.  I want to express my appreciation to Michael, Fortune Cookies, GingerSnaps, Chef Eleni, and Biane for their contributions these last few years and say I’m delighted they’ll continue to stop by now and again with comments and conversation!  I extend an open invitation to each of them that if they ever want to come back, you will always be welcome.

Those who are staying include Chip, View from the Lake, Ivy, and Cricket.  I know time is a precious resource for them so when they do write, I’m tickled.

Finally, we do have a new writer for the site and it may take some of you by surprise.  Mike Slinker has confirmed his invitation to give updates on a couple of exciting project he’s working on.  The first is to establish a community center for LaVergne in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club, the Police Athletic League, and even the senior citizens center.  He is working with county and city officials to try to move this forward and we are hoping that a facility like this would include a gymnasium and … drumroll … a SWIMMING POOL.  (You know that’s near and dear to my heart.)

The other project is helping to develop a communication portal that will tie-in our own site TiLaV with the Hob Nob people, local businesses, and our city business (meetings, etc.)  This is LaVergne may be just a link on the bigger site, but Mike and I will definitely keep you updated on the details as we know them.  For a look at what Hob Nob is, here’s the Murfreesboro portal.

Leadership for this city comes in many shapes and forms.  I am happy that we have Senna on our board to ask tough questions and serve as the voice of reason.  I am pleased we have residents like Mike who have the courage to run for office and – even in defeat – to move ahead with ideas that will benefit the residents of this town.  And I am quite proud that we have this web site that energizes the people in our community to discuss issues, good ol’ boys, share photos, and – frankly – almost serve as a modern-day newspaper.

And speaking of leadership, I want to extend an open invitation to our elected officials (Mayor Erwin, the aldermen and alderwomen) to write for this site if they so desire.  If they don’t want the official role of  “author,” I do welcome any submitted columns or articles they wish to share.

Now stay off the roads if you can, keep warm, and enjoy this snowy day.

Let’s open this thread and hear your thoughts!

City Closed for Rest of Day

The city of LaVergne its doors today due to inclement weather.

If you’re out and about snapping photos, why not send a copy to me and I’ll feature them here on our site… for our friends who’ve moved to far far away land and are homesick.

They can be sent to lavergneblog @ gmail (dot) com or kathy @ bobparks (dot) com.

Get Ready for More Snow.. or Ice

It looks like we may be in for more nasty winter weather.  What’s unclear is whether we’ll get snow, ice, and/or how much of both.

Are you ready?  I’m going to say school will be called off tomorrow in advance of the inclement weather.  What do you think?