Help for the Hungry

In a a couple of conversations this week, I was struck by how many kids we have in LaVergne who may be hungry and how many families need help now for the basic necessities like housing and food.

First, let me share this link that may provide answers people need when they have nowhere else to turn for housing. is an easy-to-remember number that help people find resources for basic human needs like locating food banks, clothing, shelters, rent assistance, and utility assistance.  In addition, there is info on physical and mental health resources, employment support, help for the elderly and disabled, and support for children, youth and families.  As I clicked through, I found this link to be very helpful as well since it has help by category.  Again,

One friend told me that the number of kids at LHS who receive lunch help is over 50 percent. Over half our kids are on the reduced lunch program!! The USDA is offering some training on how to feed the hungry over the summer months when school lunches are not available,

Each summer, 18 million students are at risk of going hungry when the school year ends and school lunches are no longer available.  For many children, school meals are the only complete and nutritious meals they eat, and in the summer they go without.  This summer, the need will likely increase and rural communities are often underserved by the program. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) can help to fill the summer meal gap for low-income children.  Faith-based, community, and private non-profit organizations can make a difference in the lives of hungry children by serving meals with SFSP, a federally funded program administered by states that reimburses organizations for meals served to children during the summer

Schools, churches, recreation and community centers, playgrounds, multi-family housing projects, fire halls, parks, and camps can serve meals in neighborhoods with high percentages of low-income families.  These venues are safe and familiar locations where children may naturally congregate during the summer.   There are two ways to get involved with SFSP.  Your organization may become a SFSP site where meals are served, or a SFSP sponsor that both serves meals and keeps track of the accounting and paperwork.  Sponsors are reimbursed for all meals served that meet USDA’s nutrition standards.

Join us to learn more and hear the benefits to being a part of the Summer Food Service Program! Sessions focusing on a variety of communities and community-based organizations will be held over the next week. Please see below for specifics on each call.

Please join us!
What: Learn About Funding and Resources to Feed Hungry Children in the Summer!

Target Audience: Non-profits, including Faith-Based and Community Organizations

Select a Date and Time:

Wednesday, 3/3, 1:00pm-2:00pm EST (Latino Serving Organizations)

Thursday, 3/4, 2:00pm-3:00pm EST (Vista/Americorps Grantees and Volunteer Affiliated Organizations)

Friday, 3/5, 11:00am-12:00pm EST (Boys and Girls Clubs)

Registration Link:

Participation:  These sessions will be available via Microsoft Office LiveMeeting (Webinar) and is free for all participants.  You will need access to a phone line and a computer with internet access for this webinar.  To participate, please complete the online registration HERE: .

If you are a part of any organization that wants to get involved in helping this summer, I encourage you to pass this information on to the leader of your group.


Will I See You at IHOP Tomorrow?

You can bet I’ll be there for free pancakes!!

Am meeting some friends after our morning meeting.  I’ll make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network,

Tuesday, Feb. 23 is another big day for breakfast bargain hunters. From 7 a.m. through 10 p.m., IHOP will be giving away free pancakes in celebration of National Pancake Day. Customers will get a stack of three buttermilk pancakes at no charge, though the restaurant is encouraging customers to make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. It hopes to raise $1.75 million in donations.

DNJ Editorial About LHS

Linking the editorial from the Daily News Journal about LaVergne High School.

We wish Daniels well as he prepares to leave La Vergne High, because It isn’t an easy place to be the principal. With a large number of low-income students, a highly transient population and movement from the Antioch area into northern Rutherford County, La Vergne High is no place for wilting violets.

In my own opinion, when you have teachers who give students ZERO for credit because they do their work in pen rather than pencil and don’t take into consideration that the actual work has been done, that’s a real disincentive for students.  It doesn’t teach math, it teaches kids to hate school, to hate math, and to not really care anymore.   There are three teachers in my family who I asked about this… all said they would’ve just taken off 10 points.  But at LHS, the kids get zeroes… thereby dropping what would’ve been a B or C to a D or F.  When we asked the teacher about this, the attitude was “Too bad.”

Overall I think there are some fantastic teachers there, but absolutely there are some bad apples.  I don’t have any specific gripes again Mr. Daniels, but I do think Mr. Ash will immediately start some housecleaning.  He’s not going to tolerate “Pants on the Ground,” bad language, kids making out at lunch, etc.  He will be out in the halls every single day and won’t put up with bad behavior.  No he’s not perfect by any means – I know his former students are moaning and groaning.  However the proof is in the pudding and if we see improvement across the board – from student behavior to teachers doing a better job (for example – if the emphasis is actually on kids being able to learn math rather than panicking and feeling defeated because they don’t have a pencil), then I’m all for it.

Art Show Changes Venue

Congratulations to LaVergne’s own No More Fortune Cookies who will have her work exhibited in this art show.  Scheduled a week from today from 7pm – 2am at The Open Lot in Nashville.  Who wants to go?   I may be able to talk my husband into it if he reads the “poster” closely.

:o)      Ha…

HobNobLaVergne Launch Coming…

The much-anticipated, much-ballyhooed HobNobLaVergne is scheduled to launch soon.  Formal press releases have been sent, but here’s the info.

I am pleased to invite you to a “live” demonstration and official celebration ceremony through a Town Hall Meeting setting on Monday, March 8th beginning at 6:30pm. Come and be a part of the new and exciting development as we launch a very robust online information tool for our entire community ~ Hob Nob La Vergne! All local and state officials have been invited to attend this grand celebration event at the New Apple Buffet in La Vergne. – from Mike Slinker

For the record, at this time I am not nor will This is LaVergne endorse the Town Hall Meeting.   Given the feedback of our readers  along with other concerns, I have formally taken a step back for now.  However, if you’re interested in hearing more please attend, ask questions, and feel free to offer any feedback.

I wish Mr. John Iaccheri and the other HobNob staffers GREAT SUCCESS for what I hope will be a wonderful addition to our community.

Help Kirsch Family Tonight

From the Daily News Journal and from a city press release,

A benefit dinner for the family of Tim Kirsch, who died Feb. 6, will take place from 5 – 8 p.m. today at Chef Wang’s , located at 1145 N.W. Broad St . Allen Wang, owner of Chef Wangs, will donate a portion of the cost of the meals to the Kirsch family.

Tim Kirsch was involved with the La Vergne youth baseball program as an umpire. He did not have insurance.

For more information, contact Mayor Ronnie Erwin at 615-394-2821.

How Many Snow Days??

How many snow days can our students miss in Rutherford County before make-up days are added at the end of the year?  Or do they take away Spring Break?  (The horrors!).

No school again tomorrow…  sigh.