HobNobLaVergne Launch Coming…

The much-anticipated, much-ballyhooed HobNobLaVergne is scheduled to launch soon.  Formal press releases have been sent, but here’s the info.

I am pleased to invite you to a “live” demonstration and official celebration ceremony through a Town Hall Meeting setting on Monday, March 8th beginning at 6:30pm. Come and be a part of the new and exciting development as we launch a very robust online information tool for our entire community ~ Hob Nob La Vergne! All local and state officials have been invited to attend this grand celebration event at the New Apple Buffet in La Vergne. – from Mike Slinker

For the record, at this time I am not nor will This is LaVergne endorse the Town Hall Meeting.   Given the feedback of our readers  along with other concerns, I have formally taken a step back for now.  However, if you’re interested in hearing more please attend, ask questions, and feel free to offer any feedback.

I wish Mr. John Iaccheri and the other HobNob staffers GREAT SUCCESS for what I hope will be a wonderful addition to our community.


13 Responses

  1. Kathy, you are a Lady with such class. Thank you for all you do for this community. Your honesty and truth seeking manner is so refreshing. God Speed my friend.

  2. Alderman Mosley,

    This response is so accurate, I absolutely agree and thank you Kathy for keeping LaVergne informed!

  3. I must admit that when Senna and I attended the HobNob meeting at the LaVergne parks and recreation center I was intrigued with the idea of having a site that was to introduce La Vergne to the rest of the area. Senna and I talked about the possibilities, and yes she stated that Kathy would be the perfect choice to run the LaVergne end of the HobNob site. Since that time, I have changed my mind. LaVergne has already been introduced to the rest of the area and Kathy you did it. Even the news stations watch your site.
    We already have the best site that I have ever been on. Let Smyrna and Murfreesboro NobHob, we have THIS IS LAVERGNE and they will never have that. Kathy, you are a classy Lady. I will never open the HobNob site as long as THIS IS LAVERNE is up and running. THANK YOU

    P.S. can i use the name Tag Along, Senna got mad at my last one.

  4. Agreed, Thanks so much Kathy!

  5. Thanks Kathy!!

  6. Kathy,

    I am glad you decided not to get rid of this blog and turn it into something else. This site has been so much fun and informative as well as having much DRAMA! I look at this site daily and did some reading on HOBNOB Murfreesboro and didnt like it at all. it just seemed to commercial for me. keep it simple and the people will be able to understand better! You my friend are one that everyone loves and enjoys reading. Classy doesnt even come close to describing you. You are more like a queen..the QUEEN OF LAVERGNE!

  7. OK…we need a “like” button. Even though I am not in LFE any longer, I still want to keep up.

    Ditto what everyone else has said.

  8. I have been working on a reply to this discussion thread all day long but am lacking the courage to post it. So for now you should talk amongst yourselves…

    I’ll be gone all day tomorrow at a baton twirling thing and all day Sunday working at the Sommet Center trying to raise money for baton twirling. Someone call me if I miss anything interesting! Have a good weekend. :)

  9. La Vergne would be better putting up a Facebook page!! I do Web Design and I have to say “This is La Vergne” is a top notch website. Hob Nob La Vergne is allready DOA. Maybe next time La Vergne can get behind “Howdy Doody La Vergne”……. Kathy is there a “This is La Vergne” Facebook Fan Page? Facebook and WordPress work well together and there are some really good plug-ins to use…..

  10. I really like the idea of adding a facebook page. I’m setting it up now. Will post the link soon. :)

  11. I became a friend to “This is La Vergne” facebook!!! I think this was a wonderful idea. No laughing at old high school photos!!!!

  12. Cool, seems to be a big hit with everyone….. 22 fans already!!!!

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