Waldron Elementary Needs New Playground

Roy Waldron Elementary School holds a dear place in my heart.  I served as PTO president when my youngest daughter attended back oh-so-many years ago.  I still feel a sense of pride that we were able to raise the money to build a fence around the playground because it gave me the heebie-jeebies that kids were playing right next to the street without that added protection.

The school needs our help again.  Here’s what I received from Angie Mayes today,

Please help Roy Waldron School receive a $25,000 grant from Pepsi to build a playground. Go to http://www.rws.rcs.k12.tn.us/.  On the right side of our web page, click on Roy Waldron’s Playground.  Follow the directions from there, and vote for our playground.

We are currently #59 and must climb to the top ten to get the grant. There are only 24 days left to vote. You may vote one time per day on each IP address available to you.  We have had difficulty getting registered here at our school, but have been successful when registering from a home computer. Registration is free. Once you have registered and entered a password, you do not have to reregister each time you vote. Please help us get to the top ten.

Tell everyone you know to help us out by voting every day. Thank You! Roy Waldron School

Contact Dr. Pewitt at the school for more information. 793-7738.

Again, visit the school website here and click on the Pepsi Grant info at the right hand side to register.  THANK YOU!


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